Tech Talk

Tech Talk November 10, 2023

Tech Talk
November 10, 2023

Rogers Launches Affordable 5G for Low-Income Canadians Major Data Breach at DNA Testing Lab AI Evolution Soars with Open AI’s User Growth Apple’s Liquid Detection for Macs Robotic Guide Dogs for the Visually Impaired Disney Plus Cracks Down on Password Sharing in Canada Ransomware Attack Hits Ontario Hospitals LinkedIn Introduces AI Job Coach Chatbot

Tech Talk November 3, 2023

Tech Talk
November 3, 2023

Apple “Scary Fast” Event Facebook & Instagram Paid Subscriptions Spotify’s AI-Powered Translation Google’s Data Scrubbing UBC & Honda’s Robotic Innovation Google’s U.S. Antitrust Trial: Top Revenue-Generating Queries

Tech Talk October 27, 2023

Tech Talk
October 27, 2023

Apple’s $160 USB Charger for iPhone 15 New Tech to Combat Air Turbulence Streaming and Radio Preferences in Cars Google Maps Adds Wheelchair Accessibility Features Amazon Prime Air’s 60-Minute Prescription Delivery Motorola’s Wrap-Around Watch

Tech Talk October 20, 2023

Tech Talk
October 20, 2023

Washing Machines and Microplastic Pollution Revolutionary Battery Recycling by Chalmers University Wireless Charging by Why Charge Click Labs’ AI for Diabetes Detection AI Deciphers Ancient Scrolls Electronic “Stickers” for Force Measurement Firefox Integrates FakeSpot for Review Authenticity

Tech Talk October 13, 2023

Tech Talk
October 13, 2023

Google’s Passkey System AI in Lung Cancer Diagnosis Airgo 3 Smart Glasses Apple’s USB-C Warning MIT’s Energy Storage Breakthrough Sony’s Digital Film Canister Solar-Powered Desalination Windows 12 Subscription Model Samsung Joins RCS Campaign Firefox’s Fake Review Detection

Tech Talk October 6, 2023

Tech Talk
October 6, 2023

In today’s episode, we tackled: – The snow-proof future of solar panels, courtesy of the University of Toledo. A game-changer for renewable energy in winter! – The Permission Slip App—a must-have tool for securing your digital footprint and personal data. – FCC’s landmark decision to fine Dish TV for space debris. What does this mean […]

Tech Talk September 29, 2023

Tech Talk
September 29, 2023

Agility Robotics: Mass-Producing Robots in Salem, Oregon – First factory to mass-produce robots, aiming for 10,000 units per year. – Robots named “Digit” designed for warehouse and manufacturing tasks. – Factory spans 70,000 square feet; compared to early automobile factories.  Diligent’s Moxie: Nursing Robot Developed in Austin, Texas – Created to fill healthcare gaps, now […]

Tech Talk September 22, 2023

Tech Talk
September 22, 2023

Hydrogen-Powered Plane Takes Off Headline: “Fly Zero: The UK’s Hydrogen-Powered Plane That Can Fly You From London to San Francisco Without a Refuel” TransUnion Data Breach Headline: “Oops! TransUnion Hacked Because Someone Used ‘Password’ as Their Password” Neuralink Gets Green Light Headline: “Elon Musk’s Neuralink Gets Thumbs-Up to Recruit Human Guinea Pigs” Pavegen’s Kinetic Energy […]

Tech Talk September 15, 2023

Tech Talk
September 20, 2023

Apple’s Latest Announcements: iPhone 15, iWatch 9, and iCloud Plus Zoom’s AI-Powered Rebranding U.S. Government Invests in Smart Surveillance Clothing Parasitic Worms in Cancer Treatment Oxitec’s Genetically Modified Mosquitoes AI Robots Aiding in Coral Reef Restoration Wuhan’s Ultra-Slippery Toilet Bowl Google Flights Enhances Booking Experience with New Features – Speaking Points:   – Google Flights now […]

Tech Talk September 8, 2023

Tech Talk
September 8, 2023

Rise in Scams: A Cautionary Tale from Vacu-Man – Speaking Points:   – Increase in scams targeting various sectors, including duct cleaning.   – Recent incident where Vacu-Man’s identity was falsely used on social media for solicitation.   – Importance of two-factor authentication and vigilance in online banking, citing a $3,000 loss in a Bank of Montreal scam. […]