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    Teaching at Mohawk since 2005 from Promotions to Sales and working with companies between 5 million – 300 million dollars with their Internet Communication Technology (ICT) has over 25 years experience to understanding and building a business today and in the future with technology. Co-Hosts 900 CHML with Bill Kelly “Tech Talk” – all things happening in technology and business!

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    Happy Internaut Day: What's next?

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    On this special date, we pause to celebrate Happy Internaut Day, marking the birth of public access to the internet on August 23, 1991. 30 years in the making!!! The internet, once a mere figment of imagination, has not only changed individual lives but also revolutionized the way businesses operate. The Internet: Changing Lives and Business From the days of dial-up connections and pixelated graphics to the era of smartphones that double as powerful computers, the journey of the internet has been nothing short of astounding. Today, in 2023, video calls have replaced letters, and digital commands have made controlling…

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    Truth and reconciliation


    Truth and reconciliation isn’t merely a principle; it’s an ongoing dialogue, demanding candid introspection and action from every one of us. It compels us to confront our historical missteps and to lay the groundwork for genuine healing. Before progressing as a united community, we must acknowledge the deep-seated pain caused and our own role in […]

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    Tech Talk

    Tech Talk September 29, 2023

    Tech Talk

    Agility Robotics: Mass-Producing Robots in Salem, Oregon - First factory to mass-produce robots, aiming for 10,000 units per year. - Robots named "Digit" designed for warehouse and manufacturing tasks. - Factory spans 70,000 square feet; compared to early automobile factories.  Diligent's Moxie: Nursing Robot Developed in Austin, Texas - Created to fill healthcare gaps, now deployed in 22 U.S. hospitals. - Also aims to assist with electronic medical records. - Can perform simple tasks like fetching water and turning off lights.  YouTube's AI-Driven Video Creation Tools - New feature allows users to integrate AI tools for video creation. - Announced…

    Tech Talk September 22, 2023

    Tech Talk

    Hydrogen-Powered Plane Takes Off Headline: "Fly Zero: The UK's Hydrogen-Powered Plane That Can Fly You From London to San Francisco Without a Refuel" Speaking Points: 279-seat aircraft aims to replace midsize planes. Zero carbon emissions. Prototype in development, service by 2035. Challenges include revamping airport infrastructure. TransUnion Data Breach Headline: "Oops! TransUnion Hacked Because Someone Used 'Password' as Their Password" Speaking Points: 58,000 people affected. Personal and financial details exposed. Hacking group USD OD takes credit. Neuralink Gets Green Light Headline: "Elon Musk's Neuralink Gets Thumbs-Up to Recruit Human Guinea Pigs" Speaking Points: Six-year study targeting paralysis patients. Aims to…

    Tech Talk September 15, 2023

    Tech Talk

    Apple's Latest Announcements: iPhone 15, iWatch 9, and iCloud Plus iPhone 15: Apple's new iPhone 15 comes with a powerful microchip and an impressive camera feature. The most advanced model, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, is priced at $2,349 CAD and offers 1 TB of storage. iCloud Plus: Apple is offering new iCloud Plus plans with up to 12 TB of storage for $60 USD per month. This is crucial for storing high-resolution photos and 3D spatial videos. Dongle Sales: Apple is set to make millions by selling a $29 USD cable connector for the new iPhone 15. Zoom's AI-Powered…

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