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    Teaching at Mohawk since 2005 from Promotions to Sales and working with companies between 5 million – 300 million dollars with their Internet Communication Technology (ICT) has over 25 years experience to understanding and building a business today and in the future with technology. Co-Hosts 900 CHML with Bill Kelly “Tech Talk” – all things happening in technology and business!

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TechTalk is back

Adam Oldfield approved

I'm excited to announce that I'll be cohosting TechTalk on 900 CHML with Bill Kelly every Friday at 11:30 AM. I'll be talking about things that are happening in technology, from robotics to software updates, in addition to what's going on in the big corporate world including Twitter, Amazon and Apple. I'm passionate about technology and I'm excited to share my knowledge and provide entertaining information every week. TechTalk is back on 900 CHML Friday's at 11:30am If you're interested in staying up-to-date on the latest in technology, then you won't want to miss my show with Bill Kelly on…

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Burlington Real Estate agent uses Vacu-Man


Vacu-Man is recommended by those that have used us. We have existed for 40 years, for our dedication and commitment. These recommendations have come from Burlington Real Estate and Oakville Real Estate brokers. Vacu-Man is the quintessential family business – established in 1980 by Steven Oldfield with just one truck in Burlington, Ontario, Vacu-Man has […]

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Tech Talk

November 25 - PodCast - TechTalk

Tech Talk

Adam Oldfield is back on the air with his weekly radio TechTalk feature, airing here on 900 CHML every Friday at 11:30am. Adam is ready to provide the latest insight into some of the most exciting topics in technology today. THIS WEEK SHOW... This week he speaks with guest Bill Kelly about Elon Musk's recently announced purchase of Twitter and what it could mean for the industry. Adam and Bill will also discuss China's recent statement that they possess the means to build a plane that can travel at nine times the speed of sound - a feat no human-built…

TechTalk - Nov 18 PodCast

Tech Talk

Nov 18, 2022 on 900 CHML TechTalk 11:30am, Adam Oldfield joins Bill Kelly as we talk Tech. A robot hand I can tickle of bug, what's really going on a Twitter under the management of Elon musk and much more! Sponsored by Vacu-Man Furnace and Duct Cleaning #talkshow #radio #live #onair #business #marketing

TechTalk - Ammonia for fuel

Tech Talk

TODAY on 900 CHML TechTalk 11:30am, Adam Oldfield joins Bill Kelly.  Ammonia fuel for vehicles, Microsoft folding phone, Cybertruck camper and more! Sponsored by Vacu-Man Furnace and Duct Cleaning #talkshow #radio #live #onair #business #marketing TechTalk.   Ammonia has long been used as a fertilizer, but this Brooklyn company is working to develop it as a renewable energy fuel. Ammonia packs a large energy density and does not produce any greenhouse gas emissions when burned, making it an attractive option for those looking for clean energy solutions. The company's ammonia-powered tractor was successfully demonstrated using a John Deere engine, proving that…

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Vacu-Man Furnace and Duct Cleaning family business with over 40 years serving throughout Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville.  Experts in quality air duct, furnace and dryer vent cleaning.

900 CHML Radio host of TechTalk – Fridays with Bill Kelly 11:35AM.  All things about being a entrepreneur, how tech works in business and operating small business

Adam Oldfield joins AM 640 Small business tech topics and issues related to our day to day tech world. Diving into the issues and challenges related to tech development and how it impacts our daily lives.

FPM Marketing & Design Inc. (FPM3) started in 2003 and is a full service online marketing agency specializing in: Graphic Design, Website Design, Website Hosting, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization. Adam is the founder but no longer active with the business.