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    Teaching at Mohawk since 2005 from Promotions to Sales and working with companies between 5 million – 300 million dollars with their Internet Communication Technology (ICT) has over 25 years experience to understanding and building a business today and in the future with technology. Co-Hosts 900 CHML with Bill Kelly “Tech Talk” – all things happening in technology and business!

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NO paper business Card. Ovou Card

Adam Oldfield approved

Ovou Card has entered the Adam Oldfield world, and this business card is truly amazing. First, let me state that I love anything that is paperless. I've been paperless since 2015 with all of my businesses and it is one of the things I strive for. Ovou Card is an exciting and innovative new business card that allows you to store all of your important information on one convenient card. You can access your Ovou Card from anywhere in the world, and it is perfect for people who are always on the go. Whether you're a busy professional or a…

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New Dryer? Clean the dryer vent.


Upgrading to a new dryer may seem like the solution to faster, more efficient laundry days, but it’s important to consider all factors before making the investment. While newer models may boast more advanced features (smart devices, connecting to your apps etc), older dryers tend to be built to be durable and solid and can […]

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Tech Talk

TechTalk with Adam Oldfield- Jan 27, 2023

Tech Talk

900 CHML TECHTALK with Adam Oldfield ADAM OLDFIELD HOSTS TECHTALK WITH BILL KELLY FRIDAY'S ON 900 CHML On January 27, 2023, Adam Oldfield joined Bill Kelly on 900 CHML to talk on the latest developments in robotics and cybersecurity. The topics included the advancements in the medical field with the Eno System by Titan, a robotic solution capable of performing incisions without causing any harm. Another exciting topic discussed was the collaboration between researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, who have created a material that can turn into a liquid-like state, similar to the…

TechTalk Jan 20, 2023

Tech Talk

Adam Oldfield and Bill Kelly recently discussed a new virtual reality technology that features gloves that provide the sensation of pressure in a virtual reality world during Adam's TechTalk podcast on 900 CHML. As if that wasn't already exciting enough, they also discussed how Apple Watch may not be around in the future due to the ECG technology violating a patent. It looks like Adam will have plenty to discuss in his next podcast! With all this buzz about tech advancements, Adam is an undoubted expert when it comes to the subject - and you'll definitely want to tune into…

TechTalk - Jan 13, 2023

Tech Talk

It was TechTalk at its finest on Adam Oldfield Talks today! We discussed the CES show in Las Vegas, including an incredible active skeleton that eliminates leg pain and a remarkable medical device with advanced urine testing abilities. We talked about a fantastic new dashcam that captures both the inside and outside of your vehicle, as well as an electric boat that can give you up to two hours of fun out on the lake. This and more were all hosted by TikTok 900 CHML, sponsored by Vacu-Man Furnace and Duct Cleaning. Don't miss another TechTalk segment - tune into…

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Vacu-Man Furnace and Duct Cleaning family business with over 40 years serving throughout Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville.  Experts in quality air duct, furnace and dryer vent cleaning.

900 CHML Radio host of TechTalk – Fridays with Bill Kelly 11:35AM.  All things about being a entrepreneur, how tech works in business and operating small business

Adam Oldfield joins AM 640 Small business tech topics and issues related to our day to day tech world. Diving into the issues and challenges related to tech development and how it impacts our daily lives.

FPM Marketing & Design Inc. (FPM3) started in 2003 and is a full service online marketing agency specializing in: Graphic Design, Website Design, Website Hosting, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization. Adam is the founder but no longer active with the business.