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    Vice President uBowl Canada
    Professor Mohawk College for Radio and Marketing Sales
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  • The Successful Failure

    Starting his ad agency in Hamilton in 2003, failed in 2009 with the recession and rebuilt to create a multi-located ad agency focused on technology, strategy building for small business and Innovative technology for online marketing.

  • Teacher, Speaker, Actor

    Teaching at Mohawk since 2005 from Promotions to Sales and working with companies between 5 million – 100 million dollars with their Internet Communication Technology (ICT) has over 25 years experience to understanding and building a business today and in the future with technology. Co-Hosts 900 CHML with Bill Kelly “Tech Talk” – all things happening in technology and business!

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Oldfield | News

Adam Oldfield – Tech Talk – Friday, July 21, 2017 Google New Features, Bixby Voice for Galaxy 8, Skype in BMWs, Mercedes Tech, More Security when Travelling,
July 21, 2017 – Listen to Adam Oldfield today and every Friday on the Bill Kelly Show 900 CHML or LIVE on his Facebook page. at 11:35 am. Here are today’s exciting topics of discussion. Google is using your entire search history to now create a personal news feed that is set up for your […]
Tech Talk – Friday, June 14, 2017
Listen to Adam Oldfield on AM900 CHML  on the Bill Kelly show for Tech Talk every Friday or watch him on his Facebook Page Live or pre-recorded. An earpiece that checks out your kid’s temp.  Makes for less invasive and works with an app to track if the temp is going up warning you at […]


FPM Marketing & Design Inc.  started in 2003 and is a full service online marketing agency specializing in: Graphic Design, Website Design, Website Hosting, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization.

Cityhosting.ca offers affordable website and email hosting, domain registration, graphic design and responsive WordPress templates.

2007, The Mingle was designed and coded to be the green screen technology that allows people to walk onto websites and through email.

Official distributor of Capital equipment from US Bowling for bowling lanes and furniture needs through Canada.