Tech Talk

Tech Talk September 8, 2023

Tech Talk
September 8, 2023

Rise in Scams: A Cautionary Tale from Vacu-Man – Speaking Points:   – Increase in scams targeting various sectors, including duct cleaning.   – Recent incident where Vacu-Man’s identity was falsely used on social media for solicitation.   – Importance of two-factor authentication and vigilance in online banking, citing a $3,000 loss in a Bank of Montreal scam. […]

Tech Talk September 1, 2023

Tech Talk
September 1, 2023

AI Aids Communication for ALS Patients Samsung’s Bixby Gets Personal Beware of Google Business Profile Scams Ancient Cooling Techniques for Modern Problems NASA’s Supersonic Passenger Aircraft Apple’s Rumored “Slab Book” Repurposing CPUs to Tackle E-Waste Enerza’s Power Grid Robot Google Enters Healthcare with AI

Tech Talk August 25, 2023

Tech Talk
August 25, 2023

1. Kite System for Fuel Efficiency in Cargo Ships : “Sailing into the Future: Kite System Slashes Cargo Ship Fuel Consumption by 20%” : 2. Bipedal Robot for Warehouse and Manufacturing : “Walking into Innovation: Apollo, the Bipedal Robot, Revolutionizes Warehousing” : 3. Growing Demand for Electricity in Technology and AI : “Powering the Future: […]

Tech Talk August 4, 2023

Tech Talk
August 4, 2023

1. Furnace Moisture Issues Overview: Concerns arise from the presence of water within furnace systems. Humidity and internal furnace conditions can lead to moisture. No circumstance should lead to water presence inside the furnace. Potential causes: condensation from the air conditioning system, plugged drain pipe, low or bad refrigerant mixture, and blockages forcing the furnace […]

Tech Talk July 28, 2023

Tech Talk
July 28, 2023

1. Vacu-Man’s Google My Business Listing Troubles    – Resolved after two weeks of challenges.    – Small businesses should monitor their Google Maps location.    – Google’s “Know Your Client” initiative to combat fake accounts.    – Had to prove legitimacy through a detailed video call with Google in California. 2. Twitter’s Bold Rebrand to “X”    – Twitter […]

Tech Talk July 21, 2023

Tech Talk
July 21, 2023

Updates on Small Business Listing Scams, Cell Phone Security, Google Baird AI, Amazon Go Closures, Li-Fi Standard, Exopulse Mollii Suit, Eight Sleep Pod Mattress, Barsys Coaster, and LG’s Subscription Model 1. Small businesses facing unlisting issues and verification scams on Google:    – Algorithms questioning online business locations    – Unlisting notifications and the need for verification […]

Tech Talk July 14, 2023

Tech Talk
July 14, 2023

Regular Dryer Lint Cleaning Necessity Considerations for Instagram Threads Account Derecho: A New Tool for Solar Geoengineering Studies “Truebot” Malware Threats Alert Cybersecurity Breach at Petro Canada AI System’s Breakthrough in Translating Ancient Cuneiform Tablets Robotic Patrols: Innovative Security Measures in Schools Google’s “Connected Flight Mode” Patent

Tech Talk July 7, 2023

Tech Talk
July 7, 2023

The Importance of Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning in Hot Weather The Impact of EV Growth on Fuel Tax and Road Repair Revenue Startup ‘Nothing’ Brings Fresh Approach to Smartphone Market Nokia’s G42 5G Phone Features DIY Replaceable Components OpenAI Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Over Data Procurement ChatGPT Becomes an AI Instructor at Harvard University Multi-Arm […]