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Tech Talk October 27, 2023

Apple’s $160 USB Charger for iPhone 15

  • Apple launches new USB charger priced at $160 CAD.
  • X-ray comparison shows superior component quality.
  • Raises question: How many $5 cables equal one Apple cable?

New Tech to Combat Air Turbulence

  • Technology developed to reduce air turbulence by 80%.
  • Aimed at making flights smoother.
  • Climate change increasing turbulence, especially over the North Atlantic.

Streaming and Radio Preferences in Cars

  • Android Auto data shows Google Maps and Apple Maps are popular.
  • AM/FM radio still preferred, especially in cars without phone projection.
  • Only 9% use streaming services in their cars.

Google Maps Adds Wheelchair Accessibility Features

  • New feature identifies wheelchair-accessible transit and walking routes.
  • Available on both Android and iPhone.
  • Other features include eco-friendly routing.

Amazon Prime Air’s 60-Minute Prescription Delivery

  • Drone service delivers prescriptions in under 60 minutes in Texas.
  • Uses computer vision and AI for safety and accuracy.
  • Aims to bring medical care closer to patients.

Motorola’s Wrap-Around Watch

  • Motorola develops a bendable wristwatch that turns into a phone.
  • Runs on Android.
  • A modern take on slap watches.