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Tech Talk November 3, 2023

Apple “Scary Fast” Event

  • M3 Chip Family: New M3 chips are here and they’re blazing fast.
  • iMac Refresh: The 24-inch iMac got a speed boost.
  • MacBook Pro: New models and bye-bye Touch Bar.
  • Exclusive Black Finish: Sleek and stylish.
  • Pricing: Quality comes at a price.

Facebook & Instagram Paid Subscriptions

  • EU-Only: Paid subscriptions are EU-exclusive for now.
  • Privacy Focus: Meta’s nod to EU privacy rules.
  • Still Free: The free version isn’t going anywhere.

Spotify’s AI-Powered Translation

  • Global Reach: TechTalk can now go global.
  • Add-On Cost: Translation services come at a price.

Google’s Data Scrubbing

  • “Remove This Result”: Control your online presence.
  • Beta Version: Still in the testing phase.

UBC & Honda’s Robotic Innovation

  • Soft Robot Skin: Robots are getting more human-like.
  • Healthcare & Toys: From prosthetics to lifelike Barbies.
  • Safety First: Lowering the risk of robot-related injuries.

Google’s U.S. Antitrust Trial: Top Revenue-Generating Queries

  • Top Queries Revealed: “iPhone 8,” “iPhone 8 Plus,” and “Auto Insurance” are Google’s cash cows.
  • Partial Disclosure: A peek but not the full picture.
  • Financial Mystery: The numbers game continues.