Tech Talk

Tech Talk July 21, 2023

Tech Talk
July 21, 2023

Updates on Small Business Listing Scams, Cell Phone Security, Google Baird AI, Amazon Go Closures, Li-Fi Standard, Exopulse Mollii Suit, Eight Sleep Pod Mattress, Barsys Coaster, and LG’s Subscription Model 1. Small businesses facing unlisting issues and verification scams on Google:    – Algorithms questioning online business locations    – Unlisting notifications and the need for verification […]

Tech Talk July 14, 2023

Tech Talk
July 14, 2023

Regular Dryer Lint Cleaning Necessity Considerations for Instagram Threads Account Derecho: A New Tool for Solar Geoengineering Studies “Truebot” Malware Threats Alert Cybersecurity Breach at Petro Canada AI System’s Breakthrough in Translating Ancient Cuneiform Tablets Robotic Patrols: Innovative Security Measures in Schools Google’s “Connected Flight Mode” Patent

Tech Talk July 7, 2023

Tech Talk
July 7, 2023

The Importance of Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning in Hot Weather The Impact of EV Growth on Fuel Tax and Road Repair Revenue Startup ‘Nothing’ Brings Fresh Approach to Smartphone Market Nokia’s G42 5G Phone Features DIY Replaceable Components OpenAI Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Over Data Procurement ChatGPT Becomes an AI Instructor at Harvard University Multi-Arm […]

Tech Talk June 23, 2023

Tech Talk
June 24, 2023

1. Vacu-Man Saves Cat Stuck in Air Duct System    – Vacu-Man successfully removes a live cat from an air duct system    – Highlights expertise in removing pet hair and debris from furnace air ducts 2. New Battery Technology for Electric Vehicles: The Phoenix Cell    – The Phoenix Cell offers long-range travel with a 1000 km […]

Tech Talk June 16, 2023

Tech Talk
June 16, 2023

Air Quality & HVAC Recommendations 1. Robotic Vacuum with Stair-Climbing Capability: – The Ascender is a robotic vacuum that can climb and clean stairs, unlike other models. – Developed by Migo Robotics, a team of experts from Google, Boston Dynamics, and Dyson. – Offers the convenience of a single vacuum for cleaning multiple floors. 2. […]

Tech Talk June 9, 2023

Tech Talk
June 9, 2023

Air Quality & HVAC Recommendations Uber’s Autonomous Delivery Expansion Wireless Charging Roads- Part II Ai-Da Robot, the Artist US Government Mandate: Automatic Braking Sasha GPT: AI-powered Romantic Companion Innovative Solution for Vehicle Blind Spots 3D Printing in the Shoe Industry Solar Power Transmission from Space Self-healing Robot Skin AMP Robotics: AI in Recycling Apple’s Augmented […]

Tech Talk June 2, 2023

Tech Talk
June 2, 2023

Rotary Club of Hamilton Offers Free summer literacy Camp Experience for Hamilton K-Grade 5 Children. – Registration now open for Hamilton parents until June 28 – Camp includes activities, singing, and making friends – Transportation provided by a bus from Kathy Weaver School – K to Grade 5July 17 to July 28 Registration is by […]

Tech Talk May 26, 2023

Tech Talk
May 26, 2023

1. Air Conditioner Maintenance:    – Clean the evaporator coil for efficient cooling.    – Check and wash the outdoor condenser to remove dirt and debris.    – Be cautious of electrical shocks and unplug before cleaning.    – Contact the service provider for assistance. 2. Google Account and Photos:    – Google will delete inactive accounts and their contents. […]

Tech Talk May 19, 2023

Tech Talk
May 19, 2023

– Do-it-yourself dryer kits from Amazon have been causing issues when used to clean air duct systems, leading to broken brushes inside the ducts. – Consider hiring a professional air duct cleaning company like Vacuman to ensure proper cleaning of your dryer vent and the vent leading outside. – The Beepberry is a new device […]