A 45 year family owned and operated business in Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville

Find out why this was my destiney as a family business to take over from my father

Adam Oldfield – President of Vacu-Man Furnace adn Duct Cleaning

ENTREPENEUR & Family Business Man

Ah, let me tell you the tale of yours truly, Adam Oldfield, and the legendary Vacu-Man! This is an epic woven through decades of duct dust battles, furnace filter showdowns, and the unforgettable melody of weekend alarm clocks. Imagine little Adam, just about as tall as a furnace, getting inducted into the family venture when most of his pals were mastering the snooze button. My dad, a veritable trailblazer of the furnace and duct cleaning realm, was on a mission. And it wasn’t just to raise a son; he was crafting a duct dynasty! Oh, those childhood weekends… While my peers were glued to animated escapades, there I was, taking to the streets with flyers and soaking up all there was to know about the art of furnace mastery. Today, with the unparalleled Michelle Oldfield by my side, we’re together invigorating a venture that’s stood tall for over four decades. It’s all about family, folks. Even my semi-retired old man can’t help but leap back into the fray when the ducts demand it. So, remember, when you’re dialing Vacu-Man, you’re not merely seeking a service. You’re plugging into an enduring legacy. A proud family business legacy where the promise to ace it every single time is as cherished as those dawn-lit father-son moments. Mic drop.