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Tech Talk November 10, 2023

Rogers Launches Affordable 5G for Low-Income Canadians

  • Rogers introduces “Connected for Success 5G Wireless” targeting over 2.5 million low-income Canadians.
  • Offering includes 3 GB of 5G data at $25/month with no overage charges and a complimentary 5G phone on a 2-year plan.
  • Eligibility extends to recipients of provincial income support, disability, federal assistance, and maximum child benefits.

Major Data Breach at DNA Testing Lab

  • A DNA testing service experiences a data breach, exposing customers’ genetic information.
  • Hackers may have used credential stuffing, compromising DNA relatives’ feature.
  • Customers urged to change passwords and enable two-factor authentication.
  • The breach raises privacy concerns, especially for groups targeted for hate crimes.

AI Evolution Soars with Open AI’s User Growth

  • Open AI achieves 100 million weekly users, outpacing Facebook’s early growth.
  • New app store launch allows creation of apps without coding knowledge.
  • A 4-minute tutorial video demonstrates app development for businesses and individuals.

Apple’s Liquid Detection for Macs

  • Apple’s iOS update includes a feature for Macs to detect liquid exposure.
  • This tool aids technicians and users in preventing damage and determining repair eligibility.

Robotic Guide Dogs for the Visually Impaired

  • Binghamton University develops a robotic guide dog for the visually impaired.
  • The robot can navigate and guide users with minimal training.
  • Future developments include a natural language interface for direct communication.

Disney Plus Cracks Down on Password Sharing in Canada

  • Disney Plus updates its policies, restricting password sharing outside of the household.
  • New Canadian subscription tiers introduced, with ad-supported plans starting at $7.99/month.
  • Premium tier without ads and download capability priced at $150/year.

Ransomware Attack Hits Ontario Hospitals

  • Five Ontario hospitals targeted by ransomware, threatening the release of sensitive data.
  • Law enforcement agencies involved in the investigation of the cyberattack.
  • The breach poses risks of identity theft and fraud using the compromised information.

LinkedIn Introduces AI Job Coach Chatbot

  • LinkedIn’s new AI chatbot aims to assist over 1 billion members in job searches.
  • The chatbot offers career advice and job application evaluations based on market trends and professional backgrounds.