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Tech Talk - March 17, 2023

Tech Talk
March 17, 2023


  • Filter media for air ducts can collect debris and improve air quality for those with allergies
  • MIT has developed x-AR, an x-ray vision headset that uses radio signals to see inside boxes without harmful x-rays
  • China plans to launch 13,000 satellites for worldwide internet access to compete with Elon Musk’s Starlink
  • Tesla’s Optimus prototype and FIGURE’s new robot with AI and robotics aim to assist in a labor-limited market
  • Autonomous flying drones, electric self-driving tractors, and robotic bees are being developed to improve efficiency and combat climate change in agriculture
  • Meta/Facebook and Apple are both rumored to release AR glasses soon with high-quality holograms and voice activation controls
  • Miradock can turn smartphones into computer systems with a small device
  • Rare older technology items such as a first generation iPhone or iPod, Nintendo 64, and Sony Walkman can be sold for high prices
  • Cambridge University is testing the possibility of 3D printed augmented extra body parts
  • The University of Edinburgh has developed e-skin technology for soft robotics to sense their surroundings in real time.

The world of technology is constantly advancing, and exciting new developments are emerging all the time. From robotics to AR glasses and satellite networks, there are many recent technological advancements that are worth keeping an eye on.

One innovation that could be beneficial for those with allergies is filter media for air ducts. This fiber collects any loose debris that may be blowing through your air duct system and into your home, improving air quality for people who are susceptible to air quality issues. Companies such as Vacu-Man offer this service after every cleaning to prevent debris from falling into the air duct system.

MIT has developed an x-ray vision headset that uses radio signals to see inside boxes, without the harmful x-rays. The modified Microsoft Hololens headset, known as x-AR, allows the person wearing it to see through objects and find items labeled with a radio frequency identification tag. This innovation could be game-changing for warehouse workers and incorporates the addition of augmented reality.

China has recently announced its intention to compete with Elon Musk’s Starlink by launching its own satellite network company, intending to set up a constellation of 13,000 satellites. This will provide worldwide access to the internet and is similar to Starlink’s capabilities. Taiwan is also planning to set up its own satellite network to protect itself from attack.

Robotics is an area that continues to develop, with Tesla’s Optimus prototype and FIGURE’s new robot with AI and robotics leading the way. These innovations aim to assist in a labor-limited market and combine the latest in AI and robotics to build better humanoid robots.

Agriculture is an industry that has been struggling with labor shortages, and climate change has been affecting crop yields. However, companies are now developing autonomous flying drones that can pluck fruit and nuts from trees, electric self-driving tractors, and robotic bees for crop pollination. These advancements could revolutionize the industry, improving efficiency and helping combat climate change.

Meta (formerly known as Facebook) has announced its AR glasses will launch in 2027, with high-quality holograms that can be imposed in the real world. Apple is also rumored to release its own AR glasses soon, with investors pushing for Apple to be a leader in the market.

For those who want to turn their smartphones into a computer system, Miradock is a device that can connect to your phone and allow you to connect your monitor, mice, charging devices, and even Ethernet for direct internet connection.

Older technology items that may be lying around in your attic or garage could be worth more than you think. A first-generation iPhone, iPod, or Nintendo 64 can fetch high prices, with some selling for tens of thousands of dollars.

Cambridge University is testing the possibility of 3D printed augmented extra body parts, such as an extra thumb. This innovation could have a wide range of applications, such as assisting with tasks that require more than two hands.

Finally, the University of Edinburgh has developed e-skin technology for soft robotics that can sense their surroundings in real-time. This development could be useful in hazardous environments, as soft robots can now have a sense of real-time abilities and better understand their environment.

These recent technological advancements are just a few of the many exciting developments that are shaping our world today. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more innovative and life-changing developments emerge in the years to come.

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