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Tech Talk September 29, 2023

Tech Talk
September 29, 2023

Agility Robotics: Mass-Producing Robots in Salem, Oregon

– First factory to mass-produce robots, aiming for 10,000 units per year.

– Robots named “Digit” designed for warehouse and manufacturing tasks.

– Factory spans 70,000 square feet; compared to early automobile factories.

 Diligent’s Moxie: Nursing Robot Developed in Austin, Texas

– Created to fill healthcare gaps, now deployed in 22 U.S. hospitals.

– Also aims to assist with electronic medical records.

– Can perform simple tasks like fetching water and turning off lights.

 YouTube’s AI-Driven Video Creation Tools

– New feature allows users to integrate AI tools for video creation.

– Announced at “Made on YouTube” event; expected to roll out next year.

 Google Messages vs. Apple’s iMessage

– Google Messages hits 5 billion downloads, partly due to Samsung’s support.

– Ongoing rivalry with Apple’s iMessage; Google releases ad criticizing iMessage’s limited reach.

 New Level of Phishing Attacks Targeting Hospitality Industry

– Hackers infiltrate high-level hotels and travel websites.

– Malware deployed through deceptive URLs; credit card information stolen.

 NASA Awards $850,000 to Trans Astra for Space Junk Cleanup

– Trans Astra aims to clean up space debris using “Fly Trap” bags.

– Concerns over increasing space junk in low Earth orbit.

 FTC and 17 States File Lawsuit Against Amazon

– Accused of illegally maintaining an online retail monopoly.

– Allegedly forced sellers to give up nearly 50% of revenues.

 German Navy Tests Laser Weapon

– Successful trial of laser weapon with up to 100 KW power.

– Could signal the end of traditional bullets in warfare.

 Skydio’s Autonomous Drones for NYPD

– California-based company aims to end high-speed car chases.

– Drones designed for military and utility applications.

 “No Robot Bosses Act” Introduced in U.S. Senate

– Aims to regulate AI use in hiring processes.

– Requires employers to disclose AI usage; could lead to fairer hiring practices.

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Tech Talk
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Tech Talk September 1, 2023

Tech Talk
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AI Aids Communication for ALS Patients Samsung’s Bixby Gets Personal Beware of Google Business Profile Scams Ancient Cooling Techniques for Modern Problems NASA’s Supersonic Passenger Aircraft Apple’s Rumored “Slab Book” Repurposing CPUs to Tackle E-Waste Enerza’s Power Grid Robot Google Enters Healthcare with AI

Tech Talk August 25, 2023

Tech Talk
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Tech Talk August 4, 2023

Tech Talk
August 4, 2023

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Tech Talk July 28, 2023

Tech Talk
July 28, 2023

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Tech Talk July 21, 2023

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