Carbon Tax - Increase April 1, 2024

Tech Talk
March 30, 2024

Axe the Tax: Navigating Economic Challenges and the Carbon Tax in Hamilton In the heart of Canada, the city of Hamilton stands out for an unfortunate reason: it’s becoming one of the country’s largest tent-operated municipalities. Amidst this backdrop, a pressing issue has come to the fore for small businesses and individuals alike—the carbon tax. […]

Shaping the Mohawk AirWaves

Tech Talk
November 3, 2023

As the curtain falls on my second term with the Program Advisory Council (PAC) for Mohawk College’s Radio Broadcasting program, I’m compelled to reflect on the strides we’ve made—a symphony of progress and innovation that I’ve had the privilege to conduct. Joining the PAC was more than a commitment; it was a convergence of my […]

Hamilton Centre - Sarah Jama MPP

Tech Talk
October 28, 2023

Dear Sarah Jama, MPP for Hamilton Centre, My name is Adam Oldfield, and I am writing to you as a concerned representative of Hamilton Centre. First and foremost, I want to acknowledge your dedication to public service. It’s a challenging role, and your commitment to it has not gone unnoticed. However, I must express my […]

Happy Internaut Day: What's next?

Tech Talk
August 23, 2023

On this special date, we pause to celebrate Happy Internaut Day, marking the birth of public access to the internet on August 23, 1991. 30 years in the making!!! The internet, once a mere figment of imagination, has not only changed individual lives but also revolutionized the way businesses operate. The Internet: Changing Lives and […]

A Milestone in My Rotary Journey: The Honour of the Paul Har...

Tech Talk
June 29, 2023

I am deeply humbled and honoured to announce my selection as the recipient of the Rotary Club of Hamilton’s Paul Harris Award for 2023. This award represents a milestone in my Rotary journey, which began in 1998 with my involvement in Rotary Box. My love for service, camaraderie, and the persistent pursuit of “Service Above […]

The Online E-commerce Dilemma: The Case for Self-Ownership

Tech Talk
June 26, 2023

As an entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in establishing and managing various e-commerce ventures. I’ve been through my fair share of audits and have learned some valuable lessons along the way. Today, I’d like to share some insights on a topic that’s been making headlines: the benefits and drawbacks of using third-party e-commerce platforms […]


Tech Talk
May 12, 2023

As an Ontario corporation, it is crucial to understand the process of signing into the website service Ontario through the Business Ontario Registry. This blog post aims to provide you with detailed information on how to navigate this process professionally. In the past year, several changes have occurred for incorporated operations in the province of […]

NO paper business Card. Ovou Card

Tech Talk
December 5, 2022

Ovou Card has entered the Adam Oldfield world, and this business card is truly amazing. First, let me state that I love anything that is paperless. I’ve been paperless since 2015 with all of my businesses and it is one of the things I strive for. Ovou Card is an exciting and innovative new business […]

Rotary Christmas Celebration 2022

Tech Talk
December 3, 2022

I have been a member of the Rotary club of Hamilton for over 15 years and I have celebrated and supported it for even longer than that. But each year, one of my favourites is the rotary Christmas celebration. This year is no exception – in fact, this year will probably be one of the […]

TechTalk is back

Tech Talk
November 19, 2022

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be cohosting TechTalk on 900 CHML with Bill Kelly every Friday at 11:30 AM. I’ll be talking about things that are happening in technology, from robotics to software updates, in addition to what’s going on in the big corporate world including Twitter, Amazon and Apple. I’m passionate about technology […]