Episode #22 – Tech Talk – Scan for Skin Cancer, Electric Toothbrush Tech, Mirror Tech, Microsofts Resume Assistant and more…
Listen to Adam Oldfield on the Bill Kelly Show Fridays at 11:35 AM on AM900 CHML or Adam Oldfield’s Facebook Page live! It’s about time that scammers get a little taste of their own medicine. Netsafe developed a bot that will constantly inundate the email scammers ers with a never-ending stream of questions that will […]
Episode #21 – Tech Talk – Friday, November 3, 2017 – Social Headphones, GardenSpace, Commuter Trucker Tech Jacket and more…
Episode 21 – Smart Gear, Recycled Phones and more… GardenSpace – Is going to turn anyone into a green thumb expert. This little device goes into your garden it knows what you’ve planted and exactly how much water based on that crop it needs, taking out all the guesswork. You run your top into this […]
Episode #20 – Friday October 21, 2017 – Fish Camera, Smart Light, Students Attendance with Facial Recognition, Smart Mug and more…
Episode #20 – Fish Camera, smart light switch and more. Do you love your fish?  Now you can be a little closer to them with a camera that actually will log their actions, take a photo or keep a video of your loved fish with you. Nothing says tranquility than traveling and knowing your fish […]
Espisode #19 – Tech Talk – Google Gmail Security, Bixby in Appliances, Toronto’s Futuristic Tech, Smart Coat and more…
Heres what you missed October 20th, 2017. Tech Talk with Adam Oldfield on AM900 CHML! People love their pets and sometimes you feel a little guilty about not taking care of your loved one. This cool Tech will really give you a guilt trip like you’ve never had before. Called Waggit. It’s a Fitbit for […]
Spectrum Magazine – “VIRTUAL AI ASSISTANT”
All smartphones and most desktops come with a Virtual Artificial Intelligent Assistant. In fact, it is getting so popular you can now purchase Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa to help you control your home appliances or daily tasks. When Siri first came to the iPhone, it was extremely rare for it to get anything correct. […]
Episode 18 – Tech Talk – Vader Vacuum, Smart Doorbell, Retail Partnerships, Smart Speakers, Casio Selfie Camera, iPhone X, Foldable screen
Listen to Adam Oldfield on Tech Talk AM900 CHML on the Bill Kelly Show on Fridays at 11:35 am or on Adam Oldfields Facebook page LIVE! It’s official, as of December AOL Instant Messenger, better known as AIM  is signing off. Once the leader in instant messaging with over 18 million users and became the […]
Episode #17 – Tech Talk – Smartphones will never be Cheap Phones, Gadgets to Keep you Warm and more…
Don’t expect smartphones to get any cheaper. In fact, you might want to keep your smartphone you have for a while. The main reason is because of OLED screens. The bezel screen is controlled by 3 companies. Samsung, LG and a company in Japan that is trying to catch up with the technology. The challenge […]
Ontario Accessibility Act – Website requirements by Dec 2017
If you are a small business in Ontario or not-for-profit with 20 or more employees. You are required no later than December 2017 to submit your compliance forms to the Ontario government to ensure that your staff have been properly trained with the Ontario Accessibility Act requirements. I’ve included a link where you can submit […]
Episode #16 – Tech Talk -Mosquito Away Technology, Deltas Unlimited Text Messaging, GPS Upgrade Pixel Phones New Features and more..
As Google makes a living on Advertising. It’s interesting that they now will let you report adds that know too much about you.  If you click this option, you’re confirming to Google that the ad was absolutely on point and to not only continue to serve ads similar to this but to validate the data […]
Episode #15 – Tech Talk Alexa Powered Smart Glasses, Tesla AI chip for Self Driving cars, Nest Guard Key fob for your Smartphone and more…
Tech Talk for Friday, September 22, 2017 – Episode #15 Sept 22 – First day of Fall, the date sample they use when confirming your credit card AND Adam Oldfield’s Birthday! Forget delivering to your house, Walmart wants to deliver in your house. The retailer is kicking up its delivery game by partnering with August […]