Remove anti virus android apps immediately!!!
Don’t you love those pop up ads from those security app you downloaded?   There a millions of options on the Google Play store to choose from…the biggest question is which of those are safe?    It’s like buying hand sanitizer with the flu virus built right into it… every time you think you’re cleaning it’s just making you sick. Android devices continue are challenged with the challenge of once again being a perpetrator of how phones are getting their information send to hackers and even more done through Google Play store that people download software for the very purpose of protection.  It was announced that several antivirus apps have been compromised and recently removed from Google Play app store due to the fact that they have installed malware on millions of Android phones that cause havoc in addition to battery drain. Attached is information of those apps that are...
FPM3 wins 2019 Web Design Award
Once again I am excited to announce that FPM3 and FPM Marketing has won another award for Small business Excellence 2019,  Web Design category. It’s hard to believe that 16 years in the making we have accomplished providing some of the best and robust portal systems for small to medium-sized businesses throughout North America. It started in 2003 when I first opened the FPM3 design studios creative agency it was a vision of mine to understand that websites will be integrating seamlessly with in business using digital marketing. Even today, many small businesses are still migrating from the paper and pen to a website that can communicate, generate revenue and help them convert lead conversion rates into profit. This will be our 12th award for website design excellence as one of the top agency websites in Niagara and I can’t say how proud I am of the team that I...
Episode #79 – Friday Nov 8, 2019 – Smartbeer, NASA tech
#techtalk on 900 CHML with Bill Kelly and Adam Oldfield this Friday… NASA creates some great future tech, Beer perfected by Artificial Intelligence and more . Sponsored by #900CHML, #fpm3 #NASATECH #smartbeer
Google Graveyard
It’s amazing how one of the largest companies in the world gets to continuously come up with new Services, software and at the same time shut them down. There have been many products that Google has purchased or developed that I felt were extremely efficient productive Services only to be told they will no longer be active.  Currently FPM3 and Vacu-Man office utilizes G-suite and this is a great service that allows our email, calendar and Google drive to work seamlessly. One of the challenges, is I also used to use Hangouts which gave me an opportunity to communicate with anyone that didn’t have a g Suite account. It’s been announced that Hangouts will be officially graveyard in the this month!. Here is a link of all the services, apps and Hardware that Google has closed or ended its support. In memory of all the great programs that ever existed...
As a marketing agency, we work with many small businesses over the past 16 years that are constantly hitting the RED TAPE. Ontario under the liberal government have drained the small business economy and the PC Party is trying to resolve (or try to!) by letting small business speak out to their challenges of trying to operate. If you are a small business operator here is your chance to speak out of your challenges of operating a business in Ontario. The Government of Ontario wants to hear your thoughts and challenges when it comes to operating in Ontario.
EPISODE #78 – Friday, Oct 25, 2019 – Smart Stethoscope, air traffic control
#techtalk on 900 CHML with Bill Kelly and Adam Oldfield this Friday… Air traffic control towers are obsolete, a new smart stethoscope and more . Sponsored by #900CHML, #fpm3 #airtrafficcontrol #smartstethosscope
EPISODE #77 – Friday, Oct 18, 2019 – LIBRA, HACKING, PLANT ROBOT
#techtalk on 900 CHML with Bill Kelly and Adam Oldfield this Friday… Facebook Libra losses financial confidence, a robot that moves your plants into sunlight, TransUnion loses over 30000 Canadian social security numbers and more . Sponsored by #900CHML, #fpm3 #libradead #TransUnionhack
Google G-Suite Partner
I’m excited to announce that FPM3 is now a G-Suite official partner referral. We have worked with many clients in their interest to setup a stronger system for their emails and with managing client calendar, documents and further communication overall. Find out how by easily signing up or calling us at FPM3 to assist with getting your email linked with google. FPM3 has been using it for over 5 years with great success What is G Suite?G Suite is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps teams communicate, collaborate and get things done from anywhere and on any device. It’s simple to set up, use and manage, so your business can focus on what really matters. Here are some highlights:Business email for your domain Look professional and communicate as Gmail’s simple features help you build your brand while getting more done. Access from any location or deviceCheck emails, share files,...
EPISODE #76 – Friday, Oct 11, 2019 – Billboard hack, OS Catalina, Levis smart clothes
#techtalk on 900 CHML with Bill Kelly and Adam Oldfield this Friday… digital billboards hacked with porn, don’t install OS Catalina, Levis smart coat and more . Sponsored by #900CHML, #fpm3 #googlejacket #oscatalina
EPISODE #75 – Friday, Oct 4, 2019 – AI Toilets, Pearson Airport security upgrades
techtalk on 900 CHML with Bill Kelly and Adam Oldfield Friday… toilets that checks your health before flushing, Pearson airport gets upgrades for security and more . Sponsored by #900CHML, #fpm3 #smarttoilet #airportsecurity