About Adam Oldfield

Successful Entrepreneur, Community Advocate, Family Man – Introducing Adam Oldfield!

When you think of success, it’s natural for your mind to automatically think about money. However, money isn’t the only thing that defines success; gaining the respect of neighbouring companies and being active in the community is also a way of becoming, and remaining successful. Adam Oldfield has this down to a science and is constantly striving to make the best of every situation, be it in the office, the community, or at home.

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Adam took over Vacu-Man Duct Cleaning services in 2019 from his father who founded and operated the company since 1979.  Learning the trade as a young man helping his father in the duct cleaning business as a 1 man truck.  Today 40 years later, Vacu-Man duct cleaning is operating several trucks and works with commercial and home builders throughout the golden horseshoe area.

Tune in to 900 CHML every Friday at 11:30 AM to catch Adam Oldfield’s tech talk with Bill Kelly, where they discuss how technology is changing our personal and professional lives. Get all the latest updates on the latest tech trends and learn how to improve your smart life. Adam’s insightful understanding of technology’s past and future changes will clue you in on where the world is headed. And if you miss the show, don’t worry – you can always catch Adam’s podcast. This informative program is proudly sponsored by Vacu-Man.

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Adam has been a professor at Mohawk College since 2010, where he teaches part-time marketing and sales for the media studies program. He is passionate about teaching and helping his students to succeed in their chosen field. In addition to his work at Mohawk College, Adam also works as a consultant for various media companies, helping them to develop and implement effective marketing and sales strategies. He is an expert in his field and has been featured in various media across Canada. Adam is dedicated to his work and is always looking for new ways to help his students learn and grow.

Outside of the office, Adam is active in the both the community and extracurriculars. He was a key person in organizing the Niagara Jazz Festival featuring Kenny G back in 2005, as well as being involved with NASCAR, working with sponsors through the Grand American Series.

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On the community side, Adam remains a dedicated member of the Rotary Club of Hamilton as the Director of Communications and hosts Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Waterloo, as the Auctioneer for Chefs’ Gourmet Dinner since 2015. Adam also volunteers to mentor young entrepreneurs during the summer with the City of Cambridge and Kitchener, Waterloo.

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Medicinal My Way is a non-profit organization that was started in 2019 by Adam. The goal of this organization is to help patients afford and gain access to their medical cannabis throughout Canada. Medicinal My Way does this by providing financial assistance to patients, as well as education and awareness about medical cannabis. This organization is important because it helps to improve the quality of life for patients who need medical cannabis. It also provides information about medical cannabis so that people can make informed decisions about their treatment options. Medicinal My Way is making a difference in the lives of patients across Canada, and is helping to change the way people think about medical cannabis.


Chris Farley - Adam Oldfield
Adam Oldfield as Chris Farley

Adam Oldfield is also a Non-Union Canadian actor and comedian who is known for his comedic approach and delivery. Adam has been in the entertainment business for over 20 years and has appeared in numerous television series and movies. In 2022, Adam was cast to be “Chris Farley” in a TV series. Adam’s comedic approach and delivery won him the role of Chris Farley showcasing that you can be serious and hilarious at the same time. Adam is a highly sought after actor for his comedic abilities as well as his dramatic range. Adam has the ability to make people laugh hysterically one minute and then move them to tears the next. This is what makes Adam such a successful actor and comedian. Adam’s ability to connect with an audience and make them feel emotions is what sets him apart from other actors. Adam Oldfield is a truly gifted actor and comedian who continues to entertain audiences around the world.

Adam is married to the love of his life, Michelle Oldfield who helps with all aspects of his daily life and is his life partner.

All in all, if you’re in need of an industry professional who can take your company from 0-100 in a short amount of time, Adam Oldfield and his team are a sure fire way to get you there in the best way possible!


Adam Oldfield is widely recognized as the founder of FPM3, a marketing and advertising company that began its operations in 2003. Oldfield’s vision and leadership were instrumental in establishing FPM3 as a trusted name in the industry, providing cutting-edge solutions to its clients across the country. Though he is no longer involved in the company, Oldfield takes great pride in the growth and development of FPM3. He continues to follow the company’s progress and feels a strong sense of satisfaction knowing that it is helping customers and clients achieve their marketing goals. His legacy as the founder of FPM3 continues to inspire the team and shape the company’s approach to marketing and advertising.