Tech Talk

Tech Talk January 5, 2024

Tech Talk
January 5, 2024

1. AI Revolutionizes Antibiotic Discovery 2. LG’s Mood-Analyzing Home Robot 3. AI-Enhanced Colonoscopies by University of Hong Kong

Tech Talk December 22, 2023

Tech Talk
December 22, 2023

1. Celebrating a Special Anniversary on Christmas Day “Happy Anniversary to my gorgeous wife Michelle Oldfield: A Christmas Love Story” Celebrate the special day of love and commitment for on December 25th.    2. Apple Watch Faces Legal Issues Blood Oxygen Sensor Patent Dispute” 3. Transforming Thoughts into Visuals through AI “Revolution in Neuroscience: AI Enables […]

Tech Talk December 15, 2023

Tech Talk
December 15, 2023

Rotary Club of Hamilton’s Remarkable Community Effort: Over 700 Children Receive Warmth and Gifts Korean Company “Hound” Sets World Record with Four-Legged Robotic Dog New Vehicle Safety Feature: Cars to Detect Blood Alcohol Levels Through Steering Wheel Hyundai Innovates Winter Driving: Instant Snow Chains at the Push of a Button

Tech Talk December 1, 2023

Tech Talk
December 2, 2023

Vacu-Man’s Heartwarming Holiday Gesture:  Celebrating 25 years of community service, Vacu-Man sponsors the Rotary Club of Hamilton’s Christmas event, providing over 600 children with warm meals, winter wear, and gifts on December 14, embodying the true spirit of the holiday season. Norwegian Airline’s AI Revolution:  A groundbreaking AI robot enhances airline efficiency and safety, offering […]

Tech Talk November 24, 2023

Tech Talk
November 28, 2023

1: Black Friday Deals on iPhones and Tablets Unmissable Speaking Points: 2: Revolutionary Robotic Excavator Transforms Boulders into Stone Walls in Zürich Park Speaking Points: 3: LinkedIn’s AI Chatbot: A New Era in Career Coaching and Job Hunting Speaking Points:

Tech Talk November 17, 2023

Tech Talk
November 17, 2023

Google to Shut Down Inactive Accounts – Act Fast to Save Your Data Next-Gen AI-Enhanced Headphones from Sony and Apple Promise Crystal-Clear Audio ‘Humane’ – The Game-Changing AI Pin Mobile Device Unveiled

Tech Talk November 10, 2023

Tech Talk
November 10, 2023

Rogers Launches Affordable 5G for Low-Income Canadians Major Data Breach at DNA Testing Lab AI Evolution Soars with Open AI’s User Growth Apple’s Liquid Detection for Macs Robotic Guide Dogs for the Visually Impaired Disney Plus Cracks Down on Password Sharing in Canada Ransomware Attack Hits Ontario Hospitals LinkedIn Introduces AI Job Coach Chatbot

Tech Talk November 3, 2023

Tech Talk
November 3, 2023

Apple “Scary Fast” Event Facebook & Instagram Paid Subscriptions Spotify’s AI-Powered Translation Google’s Data Scrubbing UBC & Honda’s Robotic Innovation Google’s U.S. Antitrust Trial: Top Revenue-Generating Queries

Tech Talk October 27, 2023

Tech Talk
October 27, 2023

Apple’s $160 USB Charger for iPhone 15 New Tech to Combat Air Turbulence Streaming and Radio Preferences in Cars Google Maps Adds Wheelchair Accessibility Features Amazon Prime Air’s 60-Minute Prescription Delivery Motorola’s Wrap-Around Watch