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Tech Talk May 5, 2023

Tech Talk
May 6, 2023

1. Burning candles in your home can release soot into the air that can get pulled into your furnace and circulated through your HVAC system, so consider getting your furnace and air ducts cleaned regularly and changing filters. 2. Chinese researchers have achieved a breakthrough in 6G communications by sending a signal at 100 Gb […]

Tech Talk - April 21, 2023

Tech Talk
April 21, 2023

SUMMARY: On Wednesday, the Rotary Club of Hamilton and Junior Achievement organized a career day called “World of Choices.” We are proud to have sponsored the event, and Vacuum Man covered the transportation costs for the buses that brought students from Kathy Weaver School to the event. The students had the opportunity to meet with […]

Tech Talk - April 14, 2023

Tech Talk
April 14, 2023

SUMMARY: It’s amazing to see how quickly the warm weather has arrived, and it’s important to start thinking about cleaning your AC unit if you haven’t already. Even if it cools down in the coming week, the musty smell from turning on your AC might be a sign that it’s time for a clean. Additionally, […]

Tech Talk - April 6, 2023

Tech Talk
April 6, 2023

SUMMARY: Vacu-Man is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Junior Achievement of World of Choices career exploration day at McMaster Innovation Park on April 19th. The company is excited to support this event by bringing out 150 students from inner-city Hamilton in grades 6, 7, and 8. Vacu-Man will be sponsoring the bus alongside […]

Tech Talk - March 31, 2023

Tech Talk
April 1, 2023

SUMMARY: With the warm weather here, Vacu-Man is experiencing an increase in business and is currently hiring for general labor positions. If you have a valid driver’s license, you can apply for the position through their website. Training will be provided for the job, and if you show potential, they can also assist you with […]

Tech Talk - March 24, 2023

Tech Talk
March 25, 2023

SUMMARY: I was recently informed that Vacu-Man furnace and duct cleaning won the Spectator platinum award. A big shout out to everyone that put their votes in and we’re excited to win. In addition but had the opportunity to speak to a few immigrants about their indoor air pollution concerns. I just want to remind […]

Tech Talk - March 17, 2023

Tech Talk
March 17, 2023

SUMMARY: The world of technology is constantly advancing, and exciting new developments are emerging all the time. From robotics to AR glasses and satellite networks, there are many recent technological advancements that are worth keeping an eye on. One innovation that could be beneficial for those with allergies is filter media for air ducts. This […]

Tech Talk - March 10, 2023

Tech Talk
March 10, 2023


Tech Talk - March 3, 2023

Tech Talk
March 3, 2023

SUMMARY: Indoor air pollution is going to be a common discussion. At VM we always get asked about air quality testing now you can test your carbon monoxide, radon and there’s a few other air system checks that you can look into. One of the benefits of having fluency duct cleaning is that it does […]

Tech Talk - Feb 24, 2023

Tech Talk
February 24, 2023

Welcome to TechTalk with Adam Oldfield! Today we have some interesting tech news to share with you, from electric cars to old school Mac OS downloads. Let’s dive right in: Vacu-Man has been busy with small fires, including dryer fires and commercial jobs, and has been helping banks clean their central air duct systems after […]