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Tech Talk October 13, 2023

Google’s Passkey System

  • Google introduces a new password management system called Passkey.
  • Uber and eBay have already integrated this system.
  • Passkey uses device-based authentication methods like PINs, patterns, and biometrics.
  • The system aims to enhance security and simplify the login process.

AI in Lung Cancer Diagnosis

  • Google Health’s AI model outperforms radiologists in identifying lung cancer in CT scans.
  • The model reduces false positives by over 10%.
  • It serves as a supplementary tool to improve the accuracy and efficiency of diagnosis.

Airgo 3 Smart Glasses

  • New smart glasses, Airgo 3, offer two types: Solos Chat and Solos Translate.
  • Integrated with GPT-Chat, these glasses provide quick answers through a holographic visual.
  • Solos Translate offers real-time translation, enhancing cross-language communication.

Apple’s USB-C Warning

  • Apple advises against using Android USB-C chargers with the iPhone 15.
  • Using non-authorized cables may lead to overheating and potential damage to the phone.

MIT’s Energy Storage Breakthrough

  • MIT engineers develop a supercapacitor using cement, carbon black, and water.
  • The technology could be incorporated into a home’s concrete foundation to store energy.
  • Offers a low-cost, scalable solution for renewable energy storage.

Sony’s Digital Film Canister

  • Sony introduces a 20-megapixel image sensor inside a film roll canister.
  • Compatible with classic 35mm cameras, it converts analog photos to digital format.

Solar-Powered Desalination

  • MIT researchers create a solar-powered device to make seawater drinkable.
  • The cost is lower than that of U.S. tap water, with plans to scale the technology.

Windows 12 Subscription Model

  • Microsoft plans to introduce a monthly subscription fee for Windows 12 in 2024.
  • The fee, estimated at around $10/month, will include cloud storage and regular updates.

Samsung Joins RCS Campaign

  • Samsung joins Google in pushing Apple to adopt Rich Communication Services (RCS).
  • RCS offers encrypted messaging but is currently not supported by Apple’s iMessage.

Firefox’s Fake Review Detection

  • Firefox acquires FakeSpot, a company that detects fake reviews on major online platforms.
  • The feature will be integrated into the browser and aims to improve online shopping experiences.