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Tech Talk - March 10, 2023

Tech Talk
March 10, 2023


Tech Talk - March 3, 2023

Tech Talk
March 3, 2023

SUMMARY: Indoor air pollution is going to be a common discussion. At VM we always get asked about air quality testing now you can test your carbon monoxide, radon and there’s a few other air system checks that you can look into. One of the benefits of having fluency duct cleaning is that it does […]

Tech Talk - Feb 24, 2023

Tech Talk
February 24, 2023

Welcome to TechTalk with Adam Oldfield! Today we have some interesting tech news to share with you, from electric cars to old school Mac OS downloads. Let’s dive right in: Vacu-Man has been busy with small fires, including dryer fires and commercial jobs, and has been helping banks clean their central air duct systems after […]

TechTalk - Feb 17, 2023

Tech Talk
February 17, 2023

This week, I had the pleasure of joining Bill Kelly on TechTalk 900 CHML to talk about some of the latest developments in the tech world. We covered a lot of ground, including Google maps, the Ford lightning, battery charging, and AI flow in aircraft for the military. If you missed the show, be sure […]

TechTalk Feb 10, 2023

Tech Talk
February 12, 2023

TechTalk: A Discussion on Emerging Technologies and the Future of Work On Friday, February 11, 2023, CHML’s TechTalk welcomed Adam Oldfield and Bill Kelly to discuss the latest advancements in technology and the future of work. The hosts and guests covered a range of topics, including automation, artificial intelligence, and the gig economy, and offered […]

TechTalk - February 3, 2023

Tech Talk
February 3, 2023

In this week’s TechTalk, Adam Oldfield and Bill Kelly discussed various topics in technology.

TechTalk with Adam Oldfield- Jan 27, 2023

Tech Talk
January 30, 2023

900 CHML TECHTALK with Adam Oldfield On January 27, 2023, Adam Oldfield joined Bill Kelly on 900 CHML to talk on the latest developments in robotics and cybersecurity. The topics included the advancements in the medical field with the Eno System by Titan, a robotic solution capable of performing incisions without causing any harm. Another […]

TechTalk Jan 20, 2023

Tech Talk
January 20, 2023

Adam Oldfield and Bill Kelly recently discussed a new virtual reality technology that features gloves that provide the sensation of pressure in a virtual reality world during Adam’s TechTalk podcast on 900 CHML. As if that wasn’t already exciting enough, they also discussed how Apple Watch may not be around in the future due to […]

TechTalk - Jan 13, 2023

Tech Talk
January 14, 2023

It was TechTalk at its finest on Adam Oldfield Talks today! We discussed the CES show in Las Vegas, including an incredible active skeleton that eliminates leg pain and a remarkable medical device with advanced urine testing abilities. We talked about a fantastic new dashcam that captures both the inside and outside of your vehicle, […]

TechTalk Dec 23

Tech Talk
December 23, 2022

In recent news, Tesla has made headlines for their accomplishment in delivering 81,000 pounds with an electric vehicle (EV) tractor trailer. This is a significant achievement for the company, as it demonstrates the potential for EVs to be used for heavy-duty transportation. The use of EVs for commercial transportation has numerous benefits, including reduced emissions […]