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Tech Talk – March 24, 2023


  • Vacu-Man furnace and duct cleaning won the Spectator platinum award
    • Reminder not to put deodorizer or chemical throughout HVAC system, except in specific cases
  • Toyota has developed electrolysis equipment for producing hydrogen from water, to promote clean energy and replace gas furnace
  • Researchers are developing a cloak of invisibility using nanotechnology, which bends light to go around an object
  • Spin launch is a new technology that uses kinetic energy to launch satellites quickly and cheaply
  • Brown school of engineering launched a satellite using 48 Energizer double A batteries and a $20 microprocessor, showing that effective satellites can be created with low-cost materials
  • University of Rochester in New York discovered a superconductive material made from hydrogen, nitrogen, and lutetium, which could lead to hovering trains and ultra-effective electrical grids
  • Ford has filed a patent that allows autonomous vehicles to confiscate and repossess vehicles in the case of non-payment or mishandling
  • Chalmer University of Technology has developed a more efficient and quiet propeller for electric aircraft with fewer blades
  • Researchers have created a melting spy robot that can collect intelligence and then safely disintegrate.

I was recently informed that Vacu-Man furnace and duct cleaning won the Spectator platinum award. A big shout out to everyone that put their votes in and we’re excited to win. In addition but had the opportunity to speak to a few immigrants about their indoor air pollution concerns. I just want to remind everyone that your HVAC system is an air circulation system and not to think about putting a deodorizer throughout your furnace system. Some companies will recommend fogging or creating a chemical throughout your HVAC system. The only time we do it is if you’ve had a fire or there’s a concern of a smell from a rodent or other creature that might have got into your air duct system. Has the concern is that your air circulation system is constantly circulating air within your home you may have a reaction. Keep it in mind if you’re going to have your furnace and air ducts cleaned it’s usually not a good idea

We talk about renewable energies and of course in the past I’ve mentioned Toyota has a heavy investment with hydrogen renewable energy. They have just developed an electrolysis equipment that produces hydrogen from electrizing water using the fuel cell stack. The equipment is going to be put together in Japan to promote its widespread use for creating clean energy. Division is that it would replace a gas furnace Toyota is one of the biggest investors when it comes to hydrogen both in their vehicles and with a focus of creating a carbon neutrality they believe that it is the future cell for electric vehicles. It’s an abundant clean energy source if it was controlled environmentally safely and we can expect to see more of that in the near future

And a lot of fantasies the invisibility cloak was a fantastic addition to any story. It’s been used in Marvel comics, and medieval stories and now it’s a thing that could exist today. The closest we’ve ever come to invisibility is stealth technology which gives the effective invisibility at far longer wavelengths than the human eyes can actually see. The cloaking device which we remember from Star Trek is far from actually coming together however in reality it’s in the process of getting developed it’s estimated that in about 10 years the science will be able to use what’s called as nanotechnology, to materialsin summary it bends light to almost go around the object itself. Researchers at university of Maryland college park have been working on developing and implementing this new cloak of invisibility. The Harry Potter stories will no longer be fantasy

We’ve been talking about more and more satellites going into the sky and now researchers have been able to develop an ability to get a rocket into the sky quicker. For 70 years we’ve been using rocket fuel and Rockets the size of skyscrapers to put a satellite up. However spin launch, a company has taken the first steps to spin a satellite so fast that when it releases it will fly as fast and quick into the orbit. Of course it’s the low orbit that a satellite needs to be located. The payload is lighter spin launch will be able to use kinetic energy and the balance of it basically spinning and throwing things into space will save millions of dollars if not trillions for each launch. This will be primarily only used for non-human use. As spin launch actually spends 10,000 times the force of gravity. In summary it would pretty much make a human mush by the time it got up into the sky.

Speaking of satellites Brown school of engineering have done a test and successfully managed to launch a satellite using 48 Energizer double a batteries, a $20 microprocessor 10 months ago. As it hitched a ride with Elon Musk SpaceX project. 10 months later it’s continuously working and operating. The proof of the matter is it doesn’t take billions of dollars to create an effective satellite and the proof was that we could be able to develop less expensive and low energy using materials to create a satellite the total cost was $10,000 of course the satellite had capabilities that were not to the extreme of million dollar operations but it was proof that it was capable of being able to be developed.

Researchers have created a melting spy robot that could create information and then melt into an oily puddle after being exposed to light or heat. The robot was featured this past week and according to the soft robot could collect intelligence and take care of other issues then disappear easy and simple. It’s a softer material allowing the robot to be flexible why this could be advantageous is used to deliver medicines to wild animals or provide robots that can travel to a specific part of the body and deliver the medicine such as cancer in the internal organs and be able to disintegrate safely.