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Tech Talk May 12, 2023

Asthma and Indoor Air Quality:

– Asthma is affected by indoor air quality, especially during Asthma Awareness Month in May.

– Opening windows for fresh air increases the risk of allergens and pollen triggering asthma symptoms.

– Precautions should be taken to maintain a clean and allergen-free indoor space.

Firefox and Fake Reviews:

– Firefox acquired a startup called FakeSpot, which identifies fake reviews.

– It competes with other browsers like Google, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

– Firefox is open-source, funded by Google, and offers browser extensions to detect unreliable reviews.

Google’s Password Key:

– Google introduced Password Key for secure authentication.

– It uses biometric information like fingerprints or retina scans to sign into accounts.

– It eliminates the need to remember passwords and improves convenience.

Westinghouse AP 300 Nuclear Reactor:

– Westinghouse launched the AP 300, a clean and cost-effective nuclear reactor.

– It produces electricity without greenhouse gas emissions.

– The reactor can power up to 300,000 homes and is safe.

Samsung Watch 6 and Health Features:

– Samsung Watch 6 introduced the Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification (I HRN) feature.

– It helps detect AFib and improves sleep, heart rate monitoring, fall detection, and SOS calling.

– FDA approved the new features, potentially benefiting other Galaxy watches through software updates.

eSIM and Affordable Data Packages:

– Recent phones with eSIMs offer affordable data packages in over 120 countries.

– A one-time purchase of $50 provides a flat-rate data plan, with rollover options.

– Alosim Mobile Data Traveler offers packages starting from 10GB for $35.

Starlink Internet Speeds:

– Starlink, provided by SpaceX, increased download speeds in Canada by 28 Mbps.

– It offers faster internet options, especially in rural areas with limited connectivity.

Uber’s AI Pre-Matching and Safety:

– Uber filed a patent for AI pre-matching of riders and drivers based on preferences.

– It aims to provide a more convenient and personalized experience.

– Uber also received a patent for individual risk routing for driver safety.

Apple and Google’s Bluetooth Power Tracking:

– Apple and Google teamed up to combat unwanted tracking.

– The partnership ensures trackers like AirTags notify users if they are being tracked.

– It simplifies tracking solutions, eliminating the need for multiple devices or software.

Battery Anxiety and Battery Swapping:

– Battery swapping stations gain momentum in China, with Ample Inc. as a notable player.

– Ample offers modular lightweight batteries for quick replacement.

– Battery swapping can be an alternative solution to recharging.

Jizai Arms Robotic Limbs:

– Jizai Arms from Japan are robotic limbs with six arms controlled by the user.

– They can be attached, detached, and replaced, providing extra strength and assistance.

– Applications include warehouses, surgery rooms, and aiding those with missing limbs.

QR Codes and Security:

– QR codes are popular but can be misused for malicious purposes.

– Scanning fake QR codes can lead to malware, viruses, or stolen information.

– Check for tampering and ensure you’re entering information on the correct website when using QR codes.