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Tech Talk – March 10, 2023


  1. VACU-MAN – how clean is your bathroom vent!   Yes we clean them and why.
  1. Precision neuroscience introduces breakthrough in medical science for limited mobility.
    1. Brain’s electrical activity can be used to access devices.
    2. Non-invasive, microincision procedure with electrodes placed on brain surface.
  2. Tile Bluetooth tracker to clamp down on stalking with $1 million fine.
    1. Users required to verify identity with government ID.
    2. Information shared with law enforcement to ensure ethical, safe use of tracking devices.
  3. New audio streaming service, qobuzz, launching in Canada with high-quality music.
    1. Over 100 million tracks accessible with highest quality output.
    2. Greatest selection of Quebec music online.
  4. Apple watch recognized for saving a life but may not have features in future products.
    1. Lawsuit filed against medical management of blood oxygen reading.
    2. Accurate sensors detect unusual activity during quick nap and alert user.
  5. Kia and Hyundai release software to patch vehicles after TikTok challenge teaches how to hack them.
    1. Class action lawsuit issued for vehicles without engine immobilizers.
    2. Update available for select models at dealership.

  1. You may not think about it but bathroom vents are in pretty much every home and it’s drawing air from the bathroom out side. What tends to happen very similar to your cold air return is that they get dirty clogged and they don’t take a lot of power but they do collect a lot of bacteria and dirt. It’s a good habit to make sure to clean your bathroom vent on a regular basis and if you need the actual air duct system cleaned as well you can give us a call.
  1. Remember the old days when you used to have to use your fingers to swipe up, swipe left, or touch a button on your phone to turn it on. I knew technological development could now soon give people the ability to access the device only with their minds. Precision neuroscience introduced a breakthrough in their medical science which is primarily developed for those with paralysis or other forms of limited mobility. The announcement is with the fact the brain’s electrical activity and an external device like a computer can also be a prosthetic one of the future developments is they’ve created a device super thin the width of a human strand of hair which contains over a thousand tiny electrodes which then could be placed and sits in the surface of the brain. It’s able then to record the electrical signals coming off the brain and communicate that back to the physical device. This is a non-invasive, microincision procedure and the electoral rays place thinly on the brain surface. The best part there’s no hair removal after surgery and no major sign any surgery was done after it’s been completed.
  1. Many people lost their luggage over the past holidays and tile was getting a lot of profile in addition to Apple with their tracking devices. However tile is now about to get serious with those that want to abuse how would product works. The Bluetooth tracker is now going to clamp down on people for crimes who are stalking by slapping a 1 million us fine. This was announced as part of a program that will ask users to verify their identity with government ID and allow tile to share this information with law enforcement. This will be one of the requirements soon to be used for any tracking device to ensure that it’s being used in an ethical safe way. It may make you think twice about possibly wanting to give your information up for tracking.
  1. If you think the streaming services available are only amazon, apple, Spotify there’s a new one that’s going to be offered to Canadians coming shortly. And it’s not of any large name. We sometimes get clustered down to the big companies but a new company that’s coming to the scene out of France qobuzz is about to launch and what’s unique about their audio service is the quality of the music that’s going to be coming out. With over 100 million tracks accessible it will give the highest quality output of $192 kilohertz. One of the unique services they’re going to be offering is the greatest selection of music from Quebec anywhere online using Quebec’s music history and is partly built through Quebec core if you’re a big fan of francophone music this will give you a true sense of how to access Canadian content. This has nothing to do with the latest bill that’s passed under censorship of Canadian content online.
  1. Apple watch maybe getting a new patent that allows the camera but also it was recognized this past week for saving another life with its accurate sensors. this is a great feel-good story considering the fact that it might not have these features in future products coming on the market due to the lawsuit that’s been filed against how it’s medical management of blood oxygen reading works. However this past week the monitor on the watch was able to determine unusual activity during an individual’s quick nap sending a dozen notifications and the alerts woke up the user and was able to get to a doctor and get assistance
  1. Kia and Hyundai have released a software this past Monday after a viral tick Tock challenge actually taught people how to hack the vehicle. It’s only available for 1 million vehicles out of the 4 million that need to be patched. It started out as a tick tock Kia challenge dating back last year that use USB cords to hotwire the car. Soon the trend got popular and a class action lawsuit is now being issued due to the fact that the vehicles had no engine immobilizers. The vehicles impacted were 2017 the 220 elantras, 2015 to 2019 sonatas and the 2020 to 2021 venue you can also go to the dealership and install the anti-theft update.