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Tech Talk July 28, 2023

1. Vacu-Man’s Google My Business Listing Troubles

   – Resolved after two weeks of challenges.

   – Small businesses should monitor their Google Maps location.

   – Google’s “Know Your Client” initiative to combat fake accounts.

   – Had to prove legitimacy through a detailed video call with Google in California.

2. Twitter’s Bold Rebrand to “X”

   – Twitter is now “X”.

   – Potential legal battles ahead due to existing brands like Xbox.

   – Elon Musk’s vision for Twitter becoming clearer.

   – “X” platform to focus on e-commerce and cryptocurrency communication.

   – A shift from traditional Twitter to a new system, hence the name change.

3. The Canadian Search Engine Dilemma

   – Why isn’t there a dominant Canadian search engine?

   – Other search engines like AOL Canada,, and Alta Vista Canada exist.

   – Google’s dominance due to being the default on most devices.

   – Even competitor browsers use Google as their default.

4. Palm Pilot’s Unexpected Role in IMAX

   – The Palm Pilot, an old mobile device, controls 70mm film in the IMAX movie “Oppenheimer”.

   – Uses an emulator, but originally ran on actual Palm Pilots.

   – Palm Pilots managed films in theaters, with week-long battery life.

5. Solar Panels on Water Canals: A Power and Conservation Solution

   – Solar panels on canals can generate power and conserve water.

   – Gaining traction in California after successful tests in India.

   – Challenges include capital costs, maintenance, and design.

   – Potential to power millions of homes and save billions of gallons of water.

6. Google’s Water Consumption for Server Cooling

   – Google used 4.3 billion gallons of water in 2021 to cool its servers.

7. “Heat It”: The Camper’s Tech for Insect Bites

   – Device that heats skin to treat insect bites.

   – Connects to phone’s charging port and offers 12 heat settings.

   – Can reach up to 51°.

8. Helio Pressure Shower: The Ground-Based Camp Shower

   – Provides pressurized water without needing to hang it.

   – Uses a foot pump to pressurize up to 2.9 gallons.

   – Can stay pressurized for up to 7 minutes.

9. Apple’s Upcoming Chatbot

   – Apple is developing its own AI chatbot solution.

   – Expected release in 2024.

   – Google already has Google Bard, but it’s not available in Canada.

10. Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime Dilemma in the UK

   – UK’s online safety laws might force Apple to pull iMessage and FaceTime.

   – Signal already planning to withdraw communication features in the UK.

   – The Online Safety Bill in the UK could lead to tech executives being jailed.

   – Encrypted content might be accessible by UK law, causing concerns for tech companies.