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Tech Talk August 4, 2023

1. Furnace Moisture Issues

Overview: Concerns arise from the presence of water within furnace systems.

Humidity and internal furnace conditions can lead to moisture.

No circumstance should lead to water presence inside the furnace.

Potential causes: condensation from the air conditioning system, plugged drain pipe, low or bad refrigerant mixture, and blockages forcing the furnace to overwork.

2. Google Maps’ Fuel Efficiency Feature

Overview: Google Maps’ fuel-efficient routing results in significant CO2 reduction.

Introduced in 2021.

Reduced 1.2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide.

Drivers are taking advised fuel-efficient routes.

3. Apple’s Third-Party Parts Serialization

Overview: Using non-genuine Apple parts can result in device limitations.

Third-party screen replacements trigger device notifications.

Can result in Apple Pencil incompatibility.

France is investigating Apple’s restrictions on third-party parts.

4. U.S. Navy’s Advanced Propulsion Research

Overview: US Navy is experimenting with innovative propulsion technologies.

Ambition to create unlimited propulsion energy.

Applications for air, water, and space travel.

Development of an electromagnetic field generator for defense.

5. HaDAR Development for Autonomous Vehicles

Overview: HaDAR presents a groundbreaking method for object identification.

Stands for Heat Assisted Detection and Ranging.

Provides detailed imagery even in challenging conditions.

Revolutionary for autonomous driving in non-visual environments.

6. Satellite Connectivity in Smartphones

Overview: Mobile devices are evolving with satellite connectivity features.

Apple introduced this with iPhone 14.

Android OS will soon offer similar connectivity.

Emergency SOS satellite feature has proven invaluable in many circumstances.

7. Incandescent Bulb Ban

Overview: Shift towards energy-efficient lighting as incandescent bulbs face bans.

Migration begins this week.

LEDs offer significant energy savings and longevity.

Anticipated national savings on utility bills.

8. History of Wireless Remote Controls

Overview: Zenith’s “Space Command” was pioneering in wireless television control.

Transition from light-based to sound-based signals.

Known as the “clicker” due to its distinctive sound.

Offered a battery-free solution to TV control.

9. Advancements in EV Batteries

Overview: Rapid advancements in EV battery technology are reducing charge times.

Novel 3D batteries promise extremely fast charging.

Enovix, a US company, is leading the charge.

Swiss company ABB claims a simultaneous multi-vehicle rapid charging system.

10. Electrified Cement Research

Overview: Exploration into using cement as an energy storage medium.

Potential for homes and roads to act as energy storage systems.

Current testing can power LEDs, with aims to scale up.

Vision of a future where structures double as power sources.

11. AI-Powered Brain Implants

Overview: Revolutionary procedure restores movement to a paralyzed individual.

Complex brain surgery installs an AI-connected microchip.

The implant acts as a neural bypass.

The individual regained sensation and mobility post-surgery.

12. Potential of Forest Fungi for Plastic Waste

Overview: Natural solutions are being explored to address plastic waste.

Certain fungi have shown capability to degrade plastic.

Scientists are researching enzyme-based solutions.

Potential to address millions of tons of plastic waste annually.