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Tech Talk July 21, 2023

Updates on Small Business Listing Scams, Cell Phone Security, Google Baird AI, Amazon Go Closures, Li-Fi Standard, Exopulse Mollii Suit, Eight Sleep Pod Mattress, Barsys Coaster, and LG’s Subscription Model

1. Small businesses facing unlisting issues and verification scams on Google:

   – Algorithms questioning online business locations

   – Unlisting notifications and the need for verification

   – Scam phone calls claiming to be from Google, requesting payment for business verification

   – Google does not charge a fee to register businesses

2. FCC introduces new rules to protect against cell phone account takeovers:

   – Proposed regulations for wireless operators to authenticate SIM swaps and porting

   – Notification requirements for customers regarding SIM changes or porting

   – Increased focus on cell phone security due to spam and attacks

   – PIN numbers currently used for SIM swapping in the US

3. Canada’s exclusion from Google Baird AI availability due to Bill c18:

   – Google Baird AI availability limited to Russia, China, North Korea

   – Canada removed from AI access due to government ruling (Bill c18)

   – VPN usage still allows Canadians to access AI options

4. Closure of multiple Amazon Go stores, expansion plans for Whole Foods:

   – Amazon Go pilot project in 2018 allowed seamless shopping experience

   – Closure of nine operating Amazon Go stores

   – Brick and mortar retail profitability challenges

   – Focus shifting towards Whole Foods grocery chain expansion

5. Introduction of Li-Fi as an official wireless internet standard:

   – Li-Fi uses light instead of radio waves for data transfer

   – Advantages include reduced interference, higher bandwidth, and enhanced security

   – Can coexist with Wi-Fi networks and switch between the two

   – Establishment of an official standard paves the way for further advancements

6. Exopulse Mollii Suit for mobility enhancement:

   – Suit designed to help individuals with conditions like stroke, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy

   – Utilizes low-frequency electrostimulation to improve blood circulation and restore muscle balance

   – Complements functional electrical stimulation (FES)

   – Offers pain relief, muscle relaxation, muscle activation, and improved blood circulation

7. Eight Sleep Pod Mattress with intelligent cooling and heating technology:

   – Premium mattress enhancing sleep quality and recovery

   – Individual temperature preferences for each side of the bed

   – Temperature Autopilot adjusts sleeping temperature based on patterns

   – GentleRise feature wakes users gently with temperature change and vibration

8. Barsys Coaster for convenient cocktail crafting:

   – Compact device synced with an app for cocktail instructions and ingredient measurement

   – No prior cocktail experience or bartending skills required

   – Intelligent app recommendations based on user preferences and available ingredients

   – Coaster changes color to indicate the amount to pour

9. LG’s shift to subscription model for electronics and appliances:

   – After a profitable year, LG aims to continue revenue growth through monthly subscriptions

   – Features of LG devices and appliances may be locked without a monthly fee

   – Customized dryer routines and removing ads among the possible subscription options

   – LG’s focus on TVs and appliances after discontinuing smartphone production