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Tech Talk February 23, 2024

Furnace Care in Fluctuating Weather: A Must for Homeowners

  • As temperatures swing, your furnace might start to “sweat” with the changing weather. It’s crucial to keep an eye on this.
  • Remember to change your filter regularly and inspect your furnace for moisture buildup. A clogged system can lead to water dripping onto circuit boards, potentially causing expensive damage.
  • Keeping your furnace clean is not just about efficiency; it’s about preventing costly repairs down the line.

Apple’s Wet iPhone Advisory: Skip the Rice

  • Apple has officially debunked the myth: putting a wet iPhone in rice is not recommended. It seems tiny rice particles could harm your device more than help it.
  • Instead of reaching for the rice, Apple suggests gently drying your phone with an external heat source or using a cotton swab to absorb moisture. Check out their website for emergency care tips.
  • This advice comes as a reminder that sometimes, old wives’ tales are not the best tech support.

Google’s Global Mission: Mapping Methane Emissions from Space

  • Google, in partnership with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), aims to map global methane emissions using satellite technology.
  • This initiative seeks to pinpoint methane leaks from oil and gas infrastructures, aiding in the reduction of one of climate change’s significant contributors.
  • Leveraging AI, Google’s project represents a pivotal step towards understanding and mitigating methane’s environmental impact, which accounts for over 30% of global warming.

In-Flight Entertainment Reimagined: Smart Glasses Take to the Skies

  • Tired of craning your neck to see the screen on the back of the seat in front of you? A new partnership might have the solution.
  • Road Kid and Heinen Airlines in Asia are trialing smart AR glasses for passengers, offering an immersive 3D movie experience and internet connectivity without the neck strain.
  • This innovative approach uses QR codes to connect passengers’ AR glasses to a world of entertainment, potentially revolutionizing how we fly.

Apple’s iMessage Evolution: Quantum Encryption on the Horizon

  • Amidst criticism for iMessage’s exclusivity, Apple announces a groundbreaking update: the development of quantum encryption for its messaging service.
  • This cutting-edge technology promises calculations exponentially faster than current methods, setting a new standard for secure communication.
  • Apple’s move towards quantum encryption not only enhances security but also places it at the forefront of technological advancement in messaging apps.