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Tech Talk March 1, 2024

Facebook’s Meta Develops Neural Wristband for Thought-Based Typing

  • Meta’s experimental neural wristband allows users to type through thought by detecting neurological signals in the arms.
  • This device aims to complement Meta’s existing headset, offering a new way to integrate mind thoughts without invasive procedures like Neuralink’s robo surgeon.
  • Mark Zuckerberg envisions seamless interaction with digital devices through simple wrist movements.

Cyber Theft Tops Crime Charts in Canada with Phishing Scams on the Rise

  • Cyber theft, including sophisticated phishing scams, remains a leading crime in Canada, exploiting charity programs and government offices.
  • The Canadian Center for Cybersecurity warns against text scams about unordered packages, urging immediate deletion of suspicious texts.
  • Over 554 million CAD was lost to scams in 2023, highlighting the importance of vigilance in digital communication.

Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Wet Phone in Rice, According to Apple

  • Apple advises against using rice to dry out wet phones, as it may cause further damage through small particles entering the device.
  • Recommended steps include turning off the device, using a soft, lint-free cloth for drying, and utilizing silica gel beads for moisture absorption.
  • These methods prioritize safe and effective drying techniques to prevent long-term damage to smartphones.

Google Gmail Shutdown Rumors Debunked Amidst Viral Panic

  • Rumors of Google shutting down Gmail caused widespread concern, despite the platform’s significant user base of 1.5 billion active users.
  • The misinformation highlights the impact of viral content on digital communities, although Google has no immediate plans to discontinue Gmail.
  • The episode serves as a reminder of the longevity of digital services and the potential for unfounded rumors to create chaos.