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Tech Talk February 16, 2024

French Village Initiates Smartphone Ban to Encourage Real Connections

  • Seine-Port, a French village, introduces restrictions on smartphone use in public areas to promote authentic social interactions.
  • The initiative includes encouraging traditional navigation and limiting children’s screen time, with a symbolic yet pioneering approach.
  • A family charter recommends smartphones for under 15s only for emergencies, promoting digital well-being.

Smart Toothbrushes Hit by Major Malware Attack

  • Hackers infiltrate smart toothbrushes, affecting 3 million devices with malware.
  • Swiss company’s smart dental devices could compromise routers, surveillance cameras, and doorbells.
  • Highlighting the hidden costs of smart, connected gadgets in personal care.

Hydrogen-Fueled Drones Set New Flight Duration Records

  • Collaboration between Engine and Harvard University leads to a breakthrough in drone technology with hydrogen fuel.
  • New membrane technology enables drones to fly longer, with potential applications in forklifts, bicycles, and personal air vehicles.
  • Offers a greener, more efficient alternative to battery-powered drones, expanding possibilities for range and usage

Motorola Unveils Long-Life Smartwatch

  • With a 10-day battery life, Motorola sets a new standard for smartwatch endurance.
  • Priced at $75, the new model offers affordability and long-lasting performance.
  • The smartwatch, running on Google, combines technology with efficiency, appealing to a wide market.

Samsung Galaxy Watch to Feature Sleep Apnea Detection

  • Samsung announces a groundbreaking update for Galaxy watches, introducing sleep apnea detection in 2024.
  • The software update aims to enhance health monitoring, providing users with critical health insights.
  • Samsung positions itself as a leader in health-focused smartwatch technology, competing directly with Apple’s offerings.