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Tech Talk June 21, 2024

IKEA Hiring for Virtual Roblox Store

  • IKEA is now employing real people to work in its virtual Roblox store.
  • Customers can explore a virtual IKEA, add items to their cart, and interact with customer service reps.
  • The virtual experience aims to replicate the in-store feel, including the sensation of enjoying Swedish meatballs.

AI-Powered Noise-Cancelling Headphones

  • Researchers at the University of Washington developed AI-powered noise-cancelling headphones.
  • The headphones, called Target Speech Hearing, focus on a single person’s voice in a noisy crowd by tracking the wearer’s gaze.
  • This technology could benefit those with partial hearing loss and anyone needing better conversation clarity in busy environments.

Ultra-Thin Night-Vision Lenses Developed

  • The ARC Centre of Excellence for Transformative Meta-Optical Systems (TMOS) in Australia developed lightweight night-vision lenses.
  • These lenses use advanced photon manipulation, replacing bulky night-vision equipment.
  • Applications include enhanced safety during nighttime activities, improved driver vision, and uses in surveillance and biological imaging.