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Tech Talk June 14, 2024

L’Oréal AirLight Pro Hairdryer Revolutionizes Hair Drying with Infrared Technology

  • Introduces infrared light to maintain hair moisture and reduce drying time by up to 30%.
  • Uses ergonomic circular design and powerful motor to maximize airflow and minimize heat damage.
  • Promises smoother, more hydrated hair by drying water droplets on the surface while preserving inner moisture.

RoboRock S8 MaxV Ultra: Your Personal Robo Butler

  • Features voice calling, Matter support, and an extended robot arm for enhanced cleaning.
  • AI-powered obstacle avoidance and video calling via new camera.
  • Upgraded mopping system with spinning mop and vibrating pad for superior scrubbing.
  • Impressive 10,000 Pa suction power for thorough cleaning.

Ultrasound Waves: A New Frontier in Surgery

  • Uses sound waves instead of scalpels for non-invasive surgery.
  • Promises faster healing times and less pain by targeting specific areas, minimizing tissue damage.
  • Developed by researchers at the University of Bristol, this technology is in early stages but holds revolutionary potential.