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Tech Talk June 28, 2024

Smartphone Apps Tracking Your Driving Habits

  • Apps like GasBuddy, Life360, and MyRadar track driving speed, braking patterns, and location.
  • Data collected via telematics and shared with insurance companies by Arity, an Allstate company.
  • Insurers use this data to adjust premiums based on driving behavior.
  • Potential benefits include lower premiums for safe driving, but many users may not be aware of the data collection.
  • It’s crucial to read privacy policies and understand the data usage terms.

TORRAS COOLiFY Cyber: The Wearable Air Conditioner

  • A neck-worn device offering personal cooling and heating for up to 13 hours per charge.
  • Features include a powerful motor, 6,000mAh battery, three-speed settings, and seven air outlets.
  • Utilizes advanced Coology tech and KU 3.0 chipset for rapid temperature control.
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design ideal for outdoor activities, exercise, travel, and home use.
  • Committed to social responsibility by partnering with autistic families for enhanced comfort.

2024 China Humanoid Robot Developers Conference

  • Showcased advancements in humanoid robotics, including bionic hands, expressive faces, and bipedal robots.
  • Robots can mimic human expressions and maintain balance, with potential applications in elder care.
  • Fourier Intelligence’s GR-1 bipedal robot, now in mass production, highlights rapid sector progress.
  • Support from the Chinese government bolsters development.
  • Robots offer basic task performance, companionship, and personalized digital doppelgangers for improving quality of life.