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Tech Talk May 10, 2024 

Future Tech in Your Wallet and Beyond

The realm of technology continues to push the boundaries of imagination, with recent developments suggesting that the gadgets of tomorrow are already here. Here are some of the most eye-catching advancements:

  • Illuminating Credit Cards
    • Revolutionary Design: Credit cards are about to get a major upgrade with Minolta’s Konica flexible OLED panels. These panels will be integrated directly into the cards.
    • Powered by NFC: The OLED screens on these credit cards don’t require batteries. Instead, they’re powered by Near Field Communication (NFC) terminals during transactions, which not only conserves energy but also provides a seamless user experience.
    • Enhanced Branding: Imagine tapping your credit card on a terminal and watching it light up with vibrant, customizable images. This feature enhances brand recognition and could change the way businesses brand and market themselves through the physical form of credit cards.
  • Intrusive AI from Meta
    • Always On: Meta (formerly Facebook) has introduced a new AI feature across its platforms, including Instagram and Facebook, which remains active and cannot be turned off. This has raised privacy and user experience concerns among users.
    • Unwelcome Interactions: The AI has made its presence felt in unexpected ways, such as joining private conversations. An incident involving a private Facebook group for Manhattan moms highlighted the AI’s intrusive nature when it mistakenly participated in their chat.
    • Learning Curve: Despite its capabilities to assist in searching and connecting, the AI’s behavior indicates that it still has a lot to learn about appropriate social interactions.
  • Micro-Drone Innovations
    • Ultra-Small Design: Researchers at Johannes Kepler University have developed a drone as small as a strand of hair, equipped with ultra-light solar cells.
    • Sustainable Power: These micro-drones can continuously charge themselves through solar power, eliminating the need for wired charging and enabling long-duration flights.
    • Conservation Applications: Such drones could revolutionize fields like wildlife conservation and aerial photography by minimizing disturbances to natural habitats and accessing hard-to-reach areas, such as inside volcanic eruptions for data collection.