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Tech Talk May 31, 2024

AI Predicting Political Leanings: Ethical Dilemma?

  • Study Insight: Recent advancements in artificial intelligence have led to technology capable of predicting an individual’s political leanings with high accuracy based on their social media activity.
  • Functionality: The AI analyzes data from comments, likes, and posts across various platforms.
  • Potential Uses: This technology could revolutionize voter targeting, advertising, and even influence free speech.
  • Ethical Concerns: The implications of such technology raise significant ethical questions, including privacy invasion and potential manipulation of public opinion.
  • Current Status: While still under review, the AI demonstrates a striking accuracy rate in its predictions.

France’s High-Speed Kamikaze Drone

  • Introduction: French company EOS Technologies has introduced a new kamikaze drone with impressive capabilities.
  • Speed and Commissioning: The drone reaches speeds of 400 km/h and is commissioned by France’s armed forces.
  • Historical Shift: Traditionally, France hasn’t focused on unmanned munitions, but recent changes include a contract with Nexstar Aerotek.
  • Features: The drone is equipped with:
    • Core generating charger to counteract defenses
    • GPS-independent, jamming-resistant navigation
    • Vehicle detection up to 15 km during the day and 5 km at night
  • Performance: The drone can travel 50 km in just 16 minutes.

The Evolution of Home Assistants with GPT Technology

  • Overview: OpenAI’s GPT is set to revolutionize home assistant devices, surpassing current offerings like Google Assistant and Alexa.
  • Capabilities: This new assistant promises to handle a wide range of inquiries, making it more efficient than its predecessors.
  • Integration: It can seamlessly integrate with existing smart home devices, enhancing user interaction through natural conversation.
  • Technical Aspect: The assistant connects via a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, using a USB microphone and speaker for interaction, and can even display information on a small LED screen.
  • Advantage: Unlike local systems, it connects to ChatGPT through an API, offering more robust and reliable performance.

Innovative Holographic Glasses: A Leap in Augmented Reality

  • Prototype Reveal: Researchers have developed a prototype that uses holographic imaging to project full-colour 3D images onto regular-looking glasses.
  • Design: These glasses are lightweight and resemble traditional 3D movie glasses rather than bulky headsets.
  • Functionality: Users can see vibrant, full-colour 3D computer images through the lenses without the discomfort often associated with VR headsets.
  • User Experience: The design aims to eliminate wear fatigue and nausea, common issues with current VR headsets.
  • Personal Note: As someone who’s experienced motion sickness from early gaming VR, this development is a significant step forward.