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Tech Talk September 29, 2023

Agility Robotics: Mass-Producing Robots in Salem, Oregon

– First factory to mass-produce robots, aiming for 10,000 units per year.

– Robots named “Digit” designed for warehouse and manufacturing tasks.

– Factory spans 70,000 square feet; compared to early automobile factories.

 Diligent’s Moxie: Nursing Robot Developed in Austin, Texas

– Created to fill healthcare gaps, now deployed in 22 U.S. hospitals.

– Also aims to assist with electronic medical records.

– Can perform simple tasks like fetching water and turning off lights.

 YouTube’s AI-Driven Video Creation Tools

– New feature allows users to integrate AI tools for video creation.

– Announced at “Made on YouTube” event; expected to roll out next year.

 Google Messages vs. Apple’s iMessage

– Google Messages hits 5 billion downloads, partly due to Samsung’s support.

– Ongoing rivalry with Apple’s iMessage; Google releases ad criticizing iMessage’s limited reach.

 New Level of Phishing Attacks Targeting Hospitality Industry

– Hackers infiltrate high-level hotels and travel websites.

– Malware deployed through deceptive URLs; credit card information stolen.

 NASA Awards $850,000 to Trans Astra for Space Junk Cleanup

– Trans Astra aims to clean up space debris using “Fly Trap” bags.

– Concerns over increasing space junk in low Earth orbit.

 FTC and 17 States File Lawsuit Against Amazon

– Accused of illegally maintaining an online retail monopoly.

– Allegedly forced sellers to give up nearly 50% of revenues.

 German Navy Tests Laser Weapon

– Successful trial of laser weapon with up to 100 KW power.

– Could signal the end of traditional bullets in warfare.

 Skydio’s Autonomous Drones for NYPD

– California-based company aims to end high-speed car chases.

– Drones designed for military and utility applications.

 “No Robot Bosses Act” Introduced in U.S. Senate

– Aims to regulate AI use in hiring processes.

– Requires employers to disclose AI usage; could lead to fairer hiring practices.