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Tech Talk September 22, 2023

Hydrogen-Powered Plane Takes Off

Headline: “Fly Zero: The UK’s Hydrogen-Powered Plane That Can Fly You From London to San Francisco Without a Refuel”

  • Speaking Points:
    • 279-seat aircraft aims to replace midsize planes.
    • Zero carbon emissions.
    • Prototype in development, service by 2035.
    • Challenges include revamping airport infrastructure.

TransUnion Data Breach

Headline: “Oops! TransUnion Hacked Because Someone Used ‘Password’ as Their Password”

  • Speaking Points:
    • 58,000 people affected.
    • Personal and financial details exposed.
    • Hacking group USD OD takes credit.

Neuralink Gets Green Light

Headline: “Elon Musk’s Neuralink Gets Thumbs-Up to Recruit Human Guinea Pigs”

  • Speaking Points:
    • Six-year study targeting paralysis patients.
    • Aims to control computers with thoughts.
    • Leading in neural implant technology.

Pavegen’s Kinetic Energy Tech

Headline: “Walk This Way: Pavegen Turns Your Steps into Sustainable Energy”

  • Speaking Points:
    • CEO once fired for failed energy project.
    • Plates capture kinetic energy from walking.
    • Testing in Westfield shopping center, London.

Bio-Artificial Liver from China

Headline: “China’s Bio-Artificial Liver: A Lifesaver with an 87% Survival Rate”

  • Speaking Points:
    • Beats conventional methods’ 17% survival rate.
    • Reduces risks associated with liver transplants.
    • In development since the 1980s.

Ice Cube Thruster for Mini Satellites

Headline: “Ice, Ice, Baby: Tiny Rocket Engine Runs on Water”

  • Speaking Points:
    • Developed by Imperial College London.
    • Non-toxic, easy to store, widely available.
    • Potential for limitless power in space.

Robot CEO in the Drinks Business

Headline: “Meet Mika: The Robot CEO Who’s Shaking Up the Drinks Industry”

  • Speaking Points:
    • Sister to Sophia, the famous humanoid.
    • Manages website and NFT development.
    • Employees not at risk of being fired.

WaterLight: The Saltwater Lantern

Headline: “WaterLight: The Lantern That Runs on Saltwater and Even Urine”

  • Speaking Points:
    • Up to 45 days of light.
    • Can charge mobile phones via USB.
    • Developed for fishermen and craftsmen.


Headline: “NASA’s METL Tire: The Slinky That Could Drive on Mars”

  • Speaking Points:
    • Memory metals withstand extreme conditions.
    • Impervious to punctures.
    • Long lifespan, minimal rubber used.