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Tech Talk October 6, 2023

In today’s episode, we tackled:

– The snow-proof future of solar panels, courtesy of the University of Toledo. A game-changer for renewable energy in winter!

– The Permission Slip App—a must-have tool for securing your digital footprint and personal data.

– FCC’s landmark decision to fine Dish TV for space debris. What does this mean for future space ventures?

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– Solar Panel Snow Solutions: Researchers at the University of Toledo have developed a passive strip coating to tackle snow accumulation on solar panels. This innovation requires no energy and doesn’t impact panel efficiency.

– Google Maps’ New Features: Google Maps now helps homeowners assess their rooftop solar potential. The platform also offers real-time data on air quality and pollen counts, using aerial imagery and data from various sources.

– US Fines for Space Debris: For the first time, the FCC has fined a company, Dish TV, $150,000 for failing to properly de-orbit a satellite. This marks a new era in holding companies accountable for space debris.

– Permission Slip App for Privacy: A new app from Consumer Reports helps you keep your personal data safe by crawling various websites and deleting your data securely. It’s like having a digital bouncer for your phone.

– Amazon’s Secret Pricing Algorithm: Amazon is under investigation for antitrust violations. The company had employed a secret algorithm to artificially inflate prices until 2019.

– Android Device Group Calls: Future Android updates may allow for seamless video call transfers between devices, much like transferring a call in an office phone system.

– Ring One Smart Ring: Currently crowdfunding, this smart ring can monitor your blood pressure and even make digital payments. 

– Mutalk: The Soundproof Microphone: A new wearable microphone allows you to speak without being heard in public. Ideal for dictation and could potentially offer some protection against COVID-19.

– Chat GPT Collaborates on Smartphone: OpenAI and the designer behind the iPhone are in talks to create a new smartphone that fully integrates with Chat GPT.

– Nissan’s Battery Recycling Initiative: Old batteries from Nissan’s electric vehicles may find a second life in outdoor events and emergency situations. Nissan aims to repurpose these batteries in an eco-friendly manner.