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Tech Talk May 19, 2023

– Do-it-yourself dryer kits from Amazon have been causing issues when used to clean air duct systems, leading to broken brushes inside the ducts.

– Consider hiring a professional air duct cleaning company like Vacuman to ensure proper cleaning of your dryer vent and the vent leading outside.

– The Beepberry is a new device developed by the founder of Pebble Smartwatch that collects messages and works like a BlackBerry, allowing connections with WhatsApp and iMessage.

– The Beepberry is described as an E-paper portable computer for hackers, available for $79, with a long battery life.

– Telly, a new company, offers a free 55-inch TV installed in your home, but with the condition that you will see ads at the bottom of the screen tailored to your habits.

– Google is developing a Dashcam feature for Android phones, even older models, which can be attached to your car’s dash and used for navigation and recording.

– Apple is introducing new accessibility features for cognitive, vision, hearing, and mobility needs, including a personal voice feature that creates a synthesized voice for those who can’t speak.

– Tesla owners in California have sued the company for reducing the driving range of Model S and Model X through automatic software updates, potentially requiring expensive battery replacements.

– Uber has filed a patent to use artificial intelligence for pre-matching drivers and passengers based on their preferences and needs, aiming to improve the overall rider experience.

– Apple and Google are collaborating on Bluetooth power tracking to address stalking and unwanted tracking by providing alerts when a device is possibly tracking for the wrong purpose.

– This collaboration aims to manage and limit the need for multiple tracking devices, allowing for seamless integration between different hardware systems.