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Tech Talk May 26, 2023

1. Air Conditioner Maintenance:

   – Clean the evaporator coil for efficient cooling.

   – Check and wash the outdoor condenser to remove dirt and debris.

   – Be cautious of electrical shocks and unplug before cleaning.

   – Contact the service provider for assistance.

2. Google Account and Photos:

   – Google will delete inactive accounts and their contents.

   – Sign in to your account at least once every two years.

   – Failure to sign in may result in the loss of photos and other stored items.

3. Transparent Solar Cells:

   – Highly transparent solar cells have been developed.

   – They have a transparency of 79% and can be placed anywhere.

   – Can be used in consumer products like smartphones and electronics.

   – Claimed to eliminate the need for chargers and power banks.

4. Tech Scam Alert:

   – Canadians warned about a new tech scam involving text messages.

   – Scammers claim to be family members needing phone repairs or bill payment.

   – Respond by asking the person to call instead of texting.

5. Holographic Communication:

   – Google’s Project Star Line introduces hologram technology.

   – Utilizes artificial intelligence to create realistic holographic models.

   – Allows for conversations without the need for cameras.

   – AI generates holographic images based on data in Google’s database.

6. Facebook’s Fine and Chat GPT:

   – Facebook (Meta) fined $1.3 billion by the European Union.

   – EU’s stringent privacy rules violated.

   – OpenAI considers withdrawing Chat GPT from Europe due to regulations.

7. AI App for Suicide Risk Detection:

   – Woodlands College Park High School created Sui Sensor app.

   – Uses AI to scan text for signs of suicide risk.

   – Claims to predict suicide risk with 98% accuracy.

   – Provides a contact list of local clinics for support.

8. Luxury iPhone Case:

    – Caviar introduces a luxury iPhone 14 case made of 24K gold and a Rolex watch.

    – Costing $245,000 CAD, it emphasizes luxury over functionality.