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Time to Google My Business in Ontario

Time to Google my business in Ontario

Ontario June 11, 2021 the rules are changing and seem to alter almost by the minute. But if we go with the basis of what we know businesses will start to open their doors once again in ontario. 

It has been an absolute struggle for many operations and some haven’t survived. Rumor has it that many businesses that were destined to go down were more or less sunk due to the covid ontario business.

Many businesses have also thrived during this time, being innovative and keeping with what challenges many weren’t able to adapt to. As an example I’ve been talking about e-commerce for over 15 years and those that were anticipating that migration adjustment were able to thrive. Whether through curbside pickup or online ordering

Many small businesses are going to continue to struggle as many people are still gun shy to get out and do the retail purchase. In fact many people have started to do online purchasing and enjoyed the convenience of what it offers.

As an example doing online grocery shopping pulling into the parking lot and having your products placed into the back of your vehicle. Is probably going to become a growth market for many businesses with curbside pickup becoming more of a acceptance by the public

Marketing and advertising has changed. Many small Independent Media outlets that used to produce printing or even broadcast have suffered. Many have now offered phenomenal deals to be able to get your advertising message heard.

Google My business in Ontario Time

One area to focus your attention on is Google my business. Most operations have been set up online however this is going to be a massive growth opportunity for small businesses to be found locally. This comes in two forms, regularly updating your post and making sure your reviews are positive. Even in with a negative review you’re going to want to respond.  You will need to verify your business prior to updating it.

Now is the time to get ready to open your business and get it seen and heard. If you need any assistance please let me know I’d be happy to assist in any small business with respect to getting them found online as covid restrictions lift. 

I’m available and open to help small businesses. As a small business owner of an Advertising agency and President of a Duct Cleaning company, I understand the challenges and struggles that many have suffered. You can contact me here or call / txt 289.270.2017.