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Travel Scams in Ontario


Travel scams in Ontario are coming!  As Ontario and the rest of the world is starting to lift the bands of the pre pandemic covid crisis that took place over the past two years. Many Canadians, specifically Ontario which have been in lockdown for months at a time are getting an itchy finger to travel out of the country once again.

Travel Scams in Ontario

This is the perfect time when hackers and spam artists are on the rise and looking to take advantage of any individual that is so desperate to get out of their home country for a little rest and relaxation for the fall for all the spam traps.

Currently there has not yet been an official announcement yet-to-be-determined pertaining to how the borders will open and how we will be able to travel seamlessly by car across the u.s. or by airplane to and from the country without being locked into a quarantine hotel or locking ourselves down for 14 days.

Many people are going to be so eager to sign up for the best deal possible that they’re probably going to fall for one of two things. Be susceptible to downloading ransomware to their computer or they’re going to be purchasing something that will never actually come true. 


  • Free hotel stays
  • Discounted vehicle rentals
  • Vouchers for exhibits,  amusement parks.

These will look so legitimate that they even appear to be coming from Marriott, Disney, Airlines such as Air Canada or us airways. Of course all of these companies are probably going to be offering some discounts to get some activity rolling to their locations. This is the perfect time for spam, hackers and further Ransomware to increase. 

Be very careful when you get a phone call coming in from any one of these popular companies offering you these discount features and it will only cost you so much money but you must provide your credit card. This travel scam is going to be exponentially out of proportion in the near future.

The purpose of this blog is to advise, be prepared and be ready. If you’re going to be purchasing any tickets for discount or vouchers for opportunities to travel make sure you do visit the actual company website or be in touch with an actual legitimate travel agency that can assist you in the proper booking and travel schedule that it would be required.

 If you don’t follow these simple principles you could be very much susceptible to being hacked where your computer will be locked and encrypted and you may be purchasing Bitcoin when you don’t want to. Even worse, you’ll be sitting on the phone with your credit card company crying over the fact that you just got scammed over the vacation you didn’t receive.