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I’ve operated a small business for over 20 years and worked with many small businesses through 2 recessions, and now Covid 19. This is not good times for those that were forced to close in Ontario for 4 months.

Many small businesses are still trying to sort out how to reopen and further how to dig out of the debt they’ve collected due to the forced closures. The rest of the world is opening and Ontario is starting to think about getting started again.

The Ontario Government offered $10,000 small business grants to help but many continue to suffer and struggle to even get the funds. Thats where 2 new programs have surfaced that might be a great option. Each week, there is $10,000 to be offered by 2 organizations.


  1. CFIB – #SMALLBUSINESSEVERYDAY. You can now nominate your small business favourite or apply. You could get $10,000 plus other assistance options.
  2. TELUS – #StandWithOwners – this is a $10k provided each week (up to 1 Million) that provides support along with local advertising to get businesses kicked started again.

If you know of a business or run a small business this is your chance to enter (2 ways) to get an addition $10,000. According to stats, many small businesses accumulated over $170,000 in debt because of the government shut downs.

I can speak from experience… it’s not pretty and I’m once again digging out of the debt. Support your #smallbusiness today and help them get nominated or even better buy local in your community.