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TechTalk – February 3, 2023

In this week’s TechTalk, Adam Oldfield and Bill Kelly discussed various topics in technology.

  1. Dryer Efficiency: People tend to think that if a dryer is not running efficiently, it must be a problem with the appliance. However, in most cases, it can be fixed by simply clearing the dryer vent. This can save thousands of dollars compared to buying a new appliance.
  2. Apple Activation Lock: Apple’s Activation Lock was introduced for security purposes, but it is also causing difficulties for those who sell or purchase used Apple devices. It is suggested that Apple submit serial numbers to law enforcement and insurance companies to prevent the devices from being registered as stolen.
  3. Apple Air Tags: Apple Air Tags have gained media attention for tracking luggage, but it is important to note that they should not be put on pets as they can pose a medical risk if swallowed.
  4. Spatial Audio on Netflix: Spatial audio is now available for more than 700 Netflix titles, but it comes at an extra cost. Premium subscribers can experience clearer sound on compatible devices such as Samsung Buds and Apple devices.
  5. One User Password on Netflix: Netflix has implemented a one user password system, which means that if you are in a household, you can use Netflix among household users. However, if you travel, you will need to enter a code that is only good for 7 days.
  6. Facebook Draining Battery: George Hayward, a former Facebook employee, reported that Facebook was secretly draining batteries for testing purposes. This was referred to as negative testing and is a concern for users.
  7. Raspberry Pi for Mobility Challenges: Researchers at Stanford University have designed a wearable device powered by a Raspberry Pi operating system to assist with mobility challenges. The device fits on the lower leg like a boot and uses sensors to determine walking patterns and offload pressure, resulting in 9% faster walking and 17% less energy.
  8. Security Robotics: In Tokyo, security robots are now being used to patrol and monitor government facilities and banking facilities. The robots use image recognition and sensor technology, and a night security guard would only need to move if there is a concern.
  9. Integration of Chat GPT: Chat GPT is now being integrated into some of the biggest platforms and has received billions of dollars in investment
  10. Microsoft is launching ChatGPT, an AI-powered platform, into its Teams and Office platform this month, starting at $10 per month, with a future price increase to $14 per month. ChatGPT will transcribe meetings, assign tasks, and schedule appointments.
  11. The Samsung Unpacked event announced the release of the Samsung S23 Ultra smartphone with a powerful camera and high RAM and the Galaxy Pro 3 laptop, which is a competitor to the MacBook, has integration with Samsung phones and runs on Windows or Chrome. Samsung is also promoting its DEX operating system as a new option for users across all its platforms.