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Tech Talk September 8, 2023

Rise in Scams: A Cautionary Tale from Vacu-Man

– Speaking Points:

  – Increase in scams targeting various sectors, including duct cleaning.

  – Recent incident where Vacu-Man’s identity was falsely used on social media for solicitation.

  – Importance of two-factor authentication and vigilance in online banking, citing a $3,000 loss in a Bank of Montreal scam.

  Google’s AI Enters Healthcare: Streamlining Hospital Operations

– Speaking Points:

  – Google’s health division is working on AI to assist in hospital handoffs.

  – The technology aims to simplify patient notes and improve efficiency.

  – Other tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon are also developing similar solutions.

  German Bionic Introduces Apogee Plus: A Revolution in Caregiving

– Speaking Points:

  – Apogee Plus is a powered ecoskeleton designed to assist caregivers.

  – The state-of-the-art equipment can lift up to 65 pounds, reducing physical stress.

  – Data-driven insights further enhance the caregiving process.

  Aquamation: A Sustainable Alternative to Traditional Burial and Cremation

– Speaking Points:

  – Introduction of aquamation as an eco-friendly method of body decomposition.

  – The process uses alkaline hydrolysis, leaving only the skeleton.

  – Benefits include reduced energy consumption and no harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

  Sanctuary AI’s Phoenix: The Future of Household Robotics

– Speaking Points:

  – Sanctuary AI is developing humanoid robots for household chores.

  – The robots are trained in a virtual environment to perform tasks like sweeping and folding laundry.

  – Current challenges include handling materials like paper and plastic bags.

  Google Flights Enhances Booking Experience with New Features

– Speaking Points:

  – Google Flights now offers data-driven advice on the best time to book.

  – Introduction of a price guarantee badge for certain flights.

  – The feature is currently a pilot project in the U.S., with plans for global expansion.

  Enhanced Privacy on Google Maps: The Option to Blur Your Home

– Speaking Points:

  – Google Maps now allows users to blur their homes for increased privacy.

  – Once the home is blurred, the action is irreversible.

  – This feature can be particularly useful for businesses needing to scout locations while respecting privacy.

  Meet CLARI: The Shape-Shifting Miniature Robot for Disaster Response

– Speaking Points:

  – Developed by the University of Colorado, Boulder, CLARI is designed for adaptability.

  – The robot is small and lightweight, ideal for navigating tight spaces.

  – Its passive adaptability opens up new possibilities in disaster response and other roles.