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Tech Talk March 22, 2024

Revolutionizing Technology: From HVAC Critter Evictions to Mind-Controlled Gadget

  • Critters in Your HVAC? You heard it right! As the weather flips from hot to cold, our furry friends are seeking refuge, and your air ducts might just be their hotel of choice. But what happens when their stay becomes permanent? We’re talking about a stench that announces itself every time the furnace kicks in. Fear not, Vacu-Man is on the case, ready to evict these uninvited guests and their lingering odors.
  • Battery-Free Medical Implants? Imagine a world where your body’s tech needs no batteries. Thanks to the brainiacs at Penn State, we’re on the brink of wireless charging for medical implants. This game-changing technology could say goodbye to surgeries for battery replacements, making implants safer and healthcare more affordable.
  • The Future of Smartphones and AI: Samsung might have been the pioneer, but the next generation of AI smartphones and PCs are shaping up to be mind readers. From predicting your coffee cravings to automating your daily tasks, these gadgets are getting a serious upgrade in understanding user habits.
  • Mind-Controlled Tech: Meet Alter Ego, a breakthrough device that’s all about controlling tech with your thoughts. Created by Arnav Kapoor, this could revolutionize how we interact with machines, especially for those with physical limitations. It’s like having Google in your head, without the privacy concerns, of course.
  • The Smartwatch Revolution: The OnePlus watch is setting new standards with its whopping 100-hour battery life. While it may not lead the pack in software or fitness tracking, its charging game is unmatched. Say goodbye to nightly charges and hello to convenience.
  • Apple’s Electric Car Dream Ends: In a surprising turn, Apple has put the brakes on its electric car project. But it’s not all doom and gloom. The tech developed for the Titan project will now power other Apple devices, ensuring that the journey wasn’t in vain.