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Tech Talk March 15, 2024

Decoding Furnace Filters and the Future of Tech: From Modular Phones to Self-Destructing Chips

  • A new video on the Vacu-Man website clarifies the correct installation of furnace filters, emphasizing efficiency by aligning arrows towards the blower fan.
  • Nokia, under HMD’s license, ventures into modular phones with the upcoming HDM Fusion, enhancing customization from cameras to processors, aiming for eco-friendliness and reducing electronic waste.
  • A groundbreaking chip capable of self-destructing upon detecting unauthorized use is in development, offering a novel approach to safeguard digital assets and combat counterfeiting.
  • Recent findings reveal security vulnerabilities in video doorbells from leading brands, prompting recommendations for consumers to enhance their device security.
  • The emergence of “Wi-Fi jamming” as a car theft method spotlights the efficacy of Faraday cages in protecting key fobs from signal interference.
  • Xiaomi introduces the Watch S3 at MWC 2024, showcasing advanced health features and contactless payment capabilities within its elegant design.
  • Phoenix Autonomous Solutions unveils the Sanctuary, an autonomous vehicle designed for challenging terrains, aimed at revolutionizing search and rescue, military, and disaster relief missions.