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#199 – Junior Achievement in Hamilton

Junior Achievement is back in Hamilton thanks to the Rotary Club of Hamilton and Vacu-Man This great organization provides future leaders and entrepreneurs with the skills they need to succeed. They are currently looking for corporate sponsors and volunteers to help them get back off the ground. If you are interested in helping out, please contact them today. Junior Achievement is a great asset to the community and we are glad they are back!

GM’s new one-pedal driving system is comprised of one new sensor that can collect data and tell the computer what’s happening. The machine can anticipate if you’re preparing to decelerate or brake. This means that GM’s self driving car will be able to control its speed without the need for a traditional pedal system. This news is exciting for GM and for the future of self driving cars. It appears that GM is leading the way in terms of innovation for this technology. This new system has the potential to make GM’s self driving cars even safer and more efficient.

Ford has filed a patent trademark to make car windows into advanced microphones. This would allow drivers to tap on the glass or talk close to it in order to access the car without keys, bracelets, or phone apps. Ford spokesperson, says, “The system could work like the touchpad we’ve already seen on some older cars, but it is ten times more awesome.” If this technology comes to fruition, it would be a major step forward for Ford and other car companies who are constantly looking for ways to make driving more convenient and efficient.

Zoom meetings have become the new norm for many people who are working from home. However, a recent study has shown that the mute button on Zoom is not actually effective in stopping audio from being sent to the Zoom servers. This means that anything you say during a Zoom meeting, even if you hit the mute button, can still be heard by others. This is an important discovery for Zoom users, as it means that they should not rely on the mute button to keep their conversations private. Instead, they should use a microphone that is not connected to the Zoom servers, or turn off their video and audio altogether. By taking these precautions, Zoom users can ensure that their conversations are truly private and confidential.

Back in my day Tik-Tok and Facebook were all the rage. Instagram was one of those hot items that people focus their energy swiping and swiping and now moving forward Generation Zed is social distancing from social media. Part of the reason is they are looking a step back for the Privacy purposes. There’s been a lot of research indicating that Instagram, tiktok we’re all instigators of poor mental health. And it looks like it’s starting to take an impact. However most generation Zed respondents prefer Tik-Tok over Instagram

The Apple watch 8 is gaining new health features that are going to be very beneficial to users. One of the new features is a body temperature sensor. This will initially only help with fertility planning, but a later version will determine if you have a higher than normal body temperature. This is a great feature to have because it can help you catch a fever or illness early on. In addition, the watch 8 will be able to connect with a satellite system. This means that it will send SOS alerts without being required to set up with a mobile tower. This is a great safety feature that will keep you safe in case of an emergency. The future model and expectation of the Apple watch coming out in 2025 will be a non-invasive blood sugar monitoring. This was mentioned in the past but actually is in the works currently. This would be a great feature for people with diabetes or who are at risk for developing diabetes.Overall, the Apple watch 8 is gaining new health features that are going to be very beneficial for users.