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USB-C now available on Apple

TODAY on 900 CHML TechTalk 11:30am, Adam Oldfield joins Bill Kelly.  Google Maps is now showing air quality index reports, 3D enhanced experience when shopping online, USB C coming to all electronic devices and more! Sponsored by Vacu-Man Furnace and Duct Cleaning #talkshow #radio #live #onair #business #marketing TechTalk.

USB-C is the new standard for electronic charging cables, and lawmakers have just passed a ruling that will enforce manufacturers of smartphones, headphones, digital cameras, and tablets to use USB-C when selling their products in Europe. This means that Apple’s iPhone will be one of the biggest products impacted by this change. USB-C is a big departure from Apple’s traditional lightning charger, and the company will need to make some changes to the iPhone if it wants to continue selling it in Europe. We can expect to see the new iPhones coming out with USB-C ports later this year. In the meantime, we’ll just have to keep using our old chargers.

Google Maps is getting a new preview feature that lets you see the air quality index in your area. The new feature, which is rolling out over the next week, will be available in the US and Canada. To see the air quality index, simply select the “Air Quality” layer in Google Maps. You’ll then be able to see a color-coded map of the air quality in your area. The different colors represent different levels of air pollution, with green being the least polluted and red being the most polluted. This new feature from Google Maps will help you to make better decisions about when to go outside and enjoy the summer weather.

Shopify might be losing its stock value but I can tell you online shopping is still the thing. And a new company called Nfinite bags has raised a hundred million dollars to give e-commerce a little bit of that 3D flare that was missing. The company is located at a France and has developed a visual e merchandising platform Was a tool to create 3D images for e-commerce. Consumers are wanting more engaging understanding of the products are buying. And instead of looking at 6 flat photos a new system can be adopted to allow for it to be 3 dimension. The computer will generate the imagery so it hasn’t been proven that this will actually work but it says it’ll give shoppers all the angles they need in order to virtually experiment with the products before they make purchase decisions. Shopify should consider this technology because it would elevate the user experience and translate into more sales. It would also set Shopify apart from its competitors who have not yet adopted this type of product visualization.