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TechTalk – Feb 17, 2023

This week, I had the pleasure of joining Bill Kelly on TechTalk 900 CHML to talk about some of the latest developments in the tech world. We covered a lot of ground, including Google maps, the Ford lightning, battery charging, and AI flow in aircraft for the military. If you missed the show, be sure to check out our podcast. And mark your calendars for Fridays at 11:30 AM – that’s when you can tune in to TechTalk live. Thanks to our sponsor, Vacu-Man, for making it all possible!


  1. Reasons for uneven heating in rooms during cold weather: closed vents, furnace location, bends in ductwork, and a dirty furnace.
  2. Ford Lightning’s plan to build a $3.5 billion factory in Michigan to develop two new batteries for electric vehicles with longer lasting and faster charging capabilities.
  3. Google Maps introduces a new feature called “Glanceable Direction” to display navigation information without needing to keep the app in focus, improving convenience and safety while driving.
  4. Apple Maps and Uber are integrating, allowing Uber drivers with iPhones to link their Apple CarPlay to their driver app, improving navigation and safety for drivers.
  5. The new iPhone 15 and 15 Pro’s USB port will have an authenticator chip that may limit the functionality of unapproved accessories, with Apple developing its own USB-C to keep people buying genuine iPhone peripherals.
  6. Neuralink, Elon Musk’s brain implant company, is under investigation for allegedly transporting a pathogenized device that was removed from monkeys, raising concerns of animal abuse.
  7. Artificial intelligence was used to fly a United States Air Force training aircraft for over 17 hours, with the aim of allowing the aircraft to be flown autonomously.
  8. Apple has filed a patent for a camera feature on its watch, with the camera placed at the bottom of the watch, making it detachable for different uses.
  1. The cold temperatures are going to be upon us and you might be asking yourself why is some rooms colder than others. The furnace is on and you’re wondering why is it that bedroom in the upper right hand corner isn’t working properly. One of the main reasons is keep in mind you may have your vent closed at the base of the furnace they’re called dampers you can easily manually open them. The next concern is depending on where your furnace is in the house it should be center of the home or close to it. That allows for the best distribution if your furnace is in the back corner it then needs to run and distribute air along the way. Add to that equation that if you have a lot of bends in the ductwork you lose seven square feet or more of air for every bend.  We were in a house this past week and they had four 90° Bend in their air duct system. So the poor bedroom in the back of the house was getting no air flow. Of course you may have restricted air flow if your furnace may not be cleaned it as well so it’s always good to make sure the change that furnace and consider to have it cleaned every three to five years
  1. Elon Musk and Tesla might have been the first to get the most profile with electric cars however the big three automakers are coming in fast and furious specifically the new Ford lightning has announced that they are building a 3.5 billion dollar factory in Michigan and Ford claims that their batteries will be faster at charging and longer lasting than their current batteries. Ford is working on this new factory and technology similar to what’s being used in china. Ford claims that it will be able to develop two separate batting batteries. I let them iron phosphate and lfp and a nickel Cobalt manganese NCM which Tesla currently utilizes the vision is to create a battery that is more stronger and Cobalt is almost the blood diamond of batteries which is a big concern. Something to think about when purchasing your electric vehicle.  
  1. Google maps is including a new upgrade so by default it displays all the navigation information on the main screen when it’s enabled. This way as long as you’re keeping the navigation in focus you should be able to see the next turn and in real time without the need of any kind of input. Google is changing it with a New concept called glanceable direction. The feature is using Androids notification system and will also be coming to iPhone in the near future. The purpose is to bring the navigation closer to the user and display it without the need of keeping Google maps always in focus. It will show you the next turn, the ETA when you’re supposed to turn right in a notification route. It’s intended to be more convenient and to be safer when driving. Google is pretty aggressive right now as it is trying to keep on top of the competition AKA Apple maps.
  1. And speaking of the mighty apple. And Apple maps Uber app are going to be integrating Apple maps. An Uber driver with an iPhone will be able to now link their apple carplay directly in it’s been rolling out the United States and will soon be across canada. What’s unique about this is Uber driver app will be able to work with carplay meaning drivers won’t have to switch between the phone and the screen any longer and they’ll be able to view and accept trips navigate making it much safer for the driver to utilize. This is one of the innovations Apple maps is trying to incorporate with driving applications
  1. Keeping with the iPhone topic and apple is the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 pro USB port will feature a lightning like authenticator chip potentially limiting the functionality with apple unapproved accessories. Apple is developing its own usb-c as per the United European Union demands however of course with Apple you can plug in any USBC but to get the most power and efficient delivery you’re going to want to use an authentic Apple product. Apples and tension is to keep people buying genuine iPhone peripherals and keep in mind you may be needing to keep a product called IC chip for the authentication making it work. Also keep in mind the iPhone 15 will limit its USB 2.0 speeds the same as the lightning only the pro Max will get faster charging speeds
  1. One of the many companies of Elon Musk is his brain implant company neurolink. However it is under investigation but the United department of transportation after allegations came up in the past week of the legally transported a pathogenized device that have been removed from monkeys. The animal being treated have been questioned in regards to a hazardous material being removed. The intention of neuralink is to give the capability of implanting it in the brain but is currently being questioned for animal abuse. One of the innovations in 2019 was that neuralink has shown that monkeys were able to play video games and spell out words using the device in their head. It’s also been tested in pigs and rumor has it that it could be ready for human trial in the coming year.
  1. Artificial intelligence flew a United States Air force training aircraft for over 17 hours a Lockheed Martin Vista x 62a training aircraft was flown by an artificial intelligence software.  The flight took place in December and it’s the first time that AI has been engaged with a tactical aircraft with the aim to let the aircraft be flown autonomously. This test will focus on new vehicle systems being developed and will allow a tactical ability to a warfighter.
  1. The Apple watch continues to develop and a new patent was released with the latest feature to expect from the Apple watch. The latest feature includes a patent that includes a camera. Of course the first Samsung had a camera and there was a big outcry over the fact of a spy camera in a watch. This patent describes the system that would make it usable in different scenarios. The main area is the camera will be on the bottom of the watch. The watch would be easily detachable from the bottom where you could take a photo with your Apple watch pointed at you want snap the photo and then clip it back onto your wristband. Interestingly enough this could also institute a camera that you could clip to your computer that would have a high resolution option similar to using your phone on your, in addition 39 more patents were granted Apple last week including one that allows for physical buttons on Apple devices to be removed
  1. Get ready for the subscription plan. Instead of renewing your phone every two years it looks like apple will be coming out with that regular monthly payment. Of course the payment will increase every few years but it will be an ongoing lease program that you can now pay a subscription cost for your iPhone. In other words you won’t ever own the phone you will always just lease it from the company but the good news is you’ll have a fresh one every two years
  1. Kia and Hyundai have released a software this past Monday after a viral tick Tock challenge actually taught people how to hack the vehicle. It’s only available for 1 million vehicles out of the 4 million that need to be patched. It started out as a tick tock Kia challenge dating back last year that use USB cords to hotwire the car. Soon the trend got popular and a class action lawsuit is now being issued due to the fact that the vehicles had no engine immobilizers. The vehicles impacted were 2017 the 220 elantras, 2015 to 2019 sonatas and the 2020 to 2021 venue you can also go to the dealership and install the anti-theft update