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TechTalk Dec 16

This week on TechTalk with Adam Oldfield on 900 CHML sponsored by Vacu-Man

MIT has developed a revolutionary feat in charging electric vehicles – the ability to feed energy back into the electrical grid. MIT has determined that through the use of excess energy stored in stationary EV batteries, significant amounts of electricity can be returned to the grid. This means that when EVs, such as school buses or tractor trailers, are not in active use and have full capacity batteries, MIT’s system allows them to essentially become miniature power plants by providing electricity back into the grid. MIT’s solution is particularly groundbreaking for its cost efficiency, removing the need for equivalent traditional power plants with same capabilities – thus being an effective measure for protecting both our environment and society’s financial resources.

San Francisco has made great strides in the medical science field in recent months, with several clinical trials that are expected to be approved by the FDA soon. This much-awaited advancement specifically focuses on the destruction to brain cells caused by Alzheimer’s disease. A powerful medicine called lecanemab could possibly be available, slowing down the progression of this devastating disorder. In Canada alone, there are over 400,000 people living with dementia and it is estimated that 75,000 new cases arise every year. Although medical science cannot completely cure or prevent all cases of Alzheimer’s, it can provide invaluable advancements for treatment and management of the effects of this disease. San Francisco is leading the charge and we can take comfort from knowing that even if Elon Musk doesn’t have all the answers we seek, traditional medicine will still keep us safe.

It is incredible to consider two of the most popular operating systems, Microsoft and Apple, as well as the various other systems available. However, now there is a new contender on the playing field – Orange PI. What makes it so important and noteworthy is that it is an open-source system and has been steadily gaining traction today. It has tremendous speeds and can work with Microsoft, Android and Apple systems – thus making it an universal option alternative to existing operating systems in the market. Moreover, Orange PI’s flexibility allows it to seamlessly integrate with many online platforms, such as those belonging to Apple ecosystems – freeing users of potential limitations imposed by traditional operating systems. The launch of this revolutionary system may revolutionize our relationship with technology!