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Tech Talk August 25, 2023

1. Kite System for Fuel Efficiency in Cargo Ships

: “Sailing into the Future: Kite System Slashes Cargo Ship Fuel Consumption by 20%” :

  • Cargo ships use massive amounts of fuel, equivalent to 50 million cars getting filled up daily.
  • A new kite system, floating 900 ft in the air, can save up to 20% fuel for cruise ships.
  • The kite’s figure-eight motion pulls the ship, reducing environmental damage.
  • This model is also being considered for replacing wind turbines in Germany.

2. Bipedal Robot for Warehouse and Manufacturing

: “Walking into Innovation: Apollo, the Bipedal Robot, Revolutionizes Warehousing” :

  • Austin-based Apptronik’s Apollo robot can walk, lift 55 kg, and stands 5 ft 8.
  • It can be used in warehouses to stack boxes, reducing injury risks.
  • Companies like 1X, Figure, Sanctuary AI, Agility, and Tesla are also exploring similar technologies.
  • Apollo is working with NASA for colonization projects on Mars and the Moon.

3. Growing Demand for Electricity in Technology and AI

: “Powering the Future: The Insatiable Appetite of Technology for Electricity” :

  • Data centers consume 3% of the world’s power, with 40% used for cooling.
  • AI training runs consume massive amounts of power, equivalent to 120 homes for a year.
  • Processors are growing at 6-7% a year, with potential jumps to 15% due to AI.
  • The demand for computing in AI is doubling every 3.4 months.

4. Successful Pig Kidney Transplant into Human

: “A Medical Marvel: Gene-Edited Pig Kidney Functions in Human Body for Over a Month” :

  • Surgeons successfully implanted a pig kidney into a human, functioning normally for over a month.
  • This breakthrough could address future challenges related to organ shortages.
  • The operation involved only one genetic modification and no experimental medications or devices.

5. AI Camera System for Traffic Law Enforcement

: “Eyes on the Road: AI Camera System Catches 1,000 Offenders in a Week” :

  • Cornwall’s AI camera system detects offenses like texting while driving.
  • In just over a week, it caught 1,000 drivers breaking the law.
  • Similar systems have been used for fare evasion and littering.

6. Warning About Sleeping Next to Charging iPhones

: “Sleeping with Danger: Apple Warns Against Cuddling with Charging iPhones” :

  • iPhones generate heat while charging, potentially causing burns or fires.
  • Apple advises keeping phones on flat, well-ventilated surfaces.

7. Room Temperature Storage of Ammonia

: “A Cool Breakthrough: Storing Ammonia at Room Temperature” :

  • Researchers in Japan have discovered a way to store ammonia without freezing or pressure-resistant containers.
  • This could revolutionize industries like textiles, pharmaceuticals, and fertilizers.

8. Cleaning Up Space Debris

: “Cleaning the Cosmic Backyard: ESA’s Mission to Tackle Space Garbage” :

  • Over 40,000 satellites and meteorites contribute to space debris.
  • The European Space Agency’s ClearSpace-1 mission aims to capture and remove debris by 2026.
  • There’s a growing need for space garbagemen to ensure a clean orbital environment.