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November 25 – PodCast – TechTalk

Adam Oldfield is back on the air with his weekly radio TechTalk feature, airing here on 900 CHML every Friday at 11:30am. Adam is ready to provide the latest insight into some of the most exciting topics in technology today.


This week he speaks with guest Bill Kelly about Elon Musk’s recently announced purchase of Twitter and what it could mean for the industry. Adam and Bill will also discuss China’s recent statement that they possess the means to build a plane that can travel at nine times the speed of sound – a feat no human-built craft has ever achieved before!

Adam Oldfield TechTalk Nov 25, 2022
November 25, 2022

ADAM OLDFIELD Friday’s at 11:30am

With Adam Oldfield at the helm, this latest TechTalk is sure to be a riveting one. Tune in this Friday 11:30am to 900 CHML for Adam’s interview with Bill Kelly. You won’t want to miss it!