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TechTalk – Ammonia for fuel

TODAY on 900 CHML TechTalk 11:30am, Adam Oldfield joins Bill Kelly.  Ammonia fuel for vehicles, Microsoft folding phone, Cybertruck camper and more! Sponsored by Vacu-Man Furnace and Duct Cleaning #talkshow #radio #live #onair #business #marketing TechTalk.  

Ammonia has long been used as a fertilizer, but this Brooklyn company is working to develop it as a renewable energy fuel. Ammonia packs a large energy density and does not produce any greenhouse gas emissions when burned, making it an attractive option for those looking for clean energy solutions. The company’s ammonia-powered tractor was successfully demonstrated using a John Deere engine, proving that the technology is viable. With the world increasingly searching for ways to reduce carbon emissions, this ammonia-powered solution could be a key piece of the puzzle. The company is still in the early stages of development, but the potential impact of their work cannot be underestimated.