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Hamilton Centre – Sarah Jama MPP

Dear Sarah Jama, MPP for Hamilton Centre,

My name is Adam Oldfield, and I am writing to you as a concerned representative of Hamilton Centre. First and foremost, I want to acknowledge your dedication to public service. It’s a challenging role, and your commitment to it has not gone unnoticed.

However, I must express my deep concern over recent events that have led to your removal from your political party and, consequently, your inability to speak in the House. As you know, representation in our democratic system is a cornerstone of our society. When the people of Hamilton Centre voted in the last by-election, they voted for a party to represent them at Queen’s Park, not just an individual.

Your removal from the party and the subsequent silencing in the House have left us, the constituents of Hamilton Centre, without a voice. We are now at a disadvantage, lacking the representation and support we need as both the opposition and the Doug Ford Ontario PCs. This situation is far from ideal and undermines the democratic principles upon which our community relies.

Given these circumstances, I believe the most fair and democratic course of action would be for you to step down and allow for a new election in Hamilton Centre. This would give the people an opportunity to vote again, this time with full knowledge of the current landscape and the representation they would be getting at Queen’s Park.

I understand that this is a significant request, but it comes from a place of concern for the well-being of our community. We need a voice at the provincial level, and right now, we are without one.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Democracy thrives when everyone has a voice that can speak and represent on committees that matter. Let’s give Hamilton Centre the chance to speak once more.

Adam Oldfield
Hamilton Centre Representative