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Samsung Folding phone Crease

Samsung Folding phone crease is a concern for everyone! Samsung Galaxy Fold Z 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Fold Z 4 are creasing and splitting on phones everywhere. These have been a concern for hundreds of phones. It was general wear and tear and splits down the middle and it’s the protective layer.

The Samsung Galaxy Folding phone crease is applicable to all Samsung Fold phones. This phone that has been met with some controversy due to its screen. Some users have reported that the screen gets a crease in it after a limited number of open and close cycles. Samsung has said that the phone is designed to withstand up to 200,000 open and close cycles (that would take about 5 years to do!), but some users are reporting issues after far fewer than that.

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This has led to some question about the durability of the phone and whether or not it is worth the high price tag. Samsung is currently investigating the issue and working on a solution on the folding phone crease, but in the meantime, users of the Galaxy Fold should be aware of the potential for screen issues.


I would like to bring to the attention of all Samsun Galaxy Fold 3 phone screens that within a year that you will need to keep on top of having it repaired before the end date of your Warranty. This is within the 12 months of purchase. I was informed by Samsung to work with their partners Mobile Klinik. NOTE: Unfortunately the Mobile Klinik doesn’t fix the folding phones by Samsung.

Samsung store stated that there is a waiting list of 4 months to have cxthe folding Galaxy Fold phones (Currently would be early 2023).

Please keep this in mind when considering to purchase a Samsung fold info. These concerns are deeply among all the forms that exist and it might be worth considering saving a bit of your money at this time until the technology is improved. It appears that no matter how many times Samsung thinks they’re going to provide a phone that doesn’t crease when folded this isn’t going to be the case