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NO paper business Card. Ovou Card

Ovou Card has entered the Adam Oldfield world, and this business card is truly amazing. First, let me state that I love anything that is paperless. I’ve been paperless since 2015 with all of my businesses and it is one of the things I strive for. Ovou Card is an exciting and innovative new business card that allows you to store all of your important information on one convenient card. You can access your Ovou Card from anywhere in the world, and it is perfect for people who are always on the go. Whether you’re a busy professional or a student, Ovou Card is the perfect solution for you. With Ovou Card, you’ll never have to worry about losing your important contact information again.

I was recently given a business card (as a gift from my amazing wife) that came with a very special feature. It is equipped with NFC, which allows anyone with an Android or iOS device to download my contact information simply by tapping their phone against the card. I was able to test this out at an evening event, and it worked flawlessly. The recipient’s phone was able to quickly and easily access my contact info, without any need for typing in a long string of digits or scanning a QR code. This business card is truly a game-changer, and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to use it.

Amazing features is that I can update it easily online. So when it’s downloaded people will be able to have the most recent information of where I’m working. You can see the link here.


There is of course an upgrade or a premium of what you can pay but if it’s just about yourself and the business no one needs to see the logo on the front of the card. As I feel it’s just a name that’s important along with the QR code that instantly goes to your contact information.

If you’re tired of constantly printing new business cards this is a fantastic, revolutionary way that you can be able to utilize updating your contact information simple and having it instantly download directly into someone’s phone. You can check it out here at this link